Honda 97 SE Accord some observations - funky emissions test port - bad window motor

Discussion in 'Accord' started by cribis, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. cribis

    cribis Guest

    I will be brief. My 97 Accord SE ( special edition ) has had a few
    paculiar issues of mention.

    The emissions test port behind the ashtray is inaccessible as Honda
    designed. I tore my console appart and had two local Honda technicians
    stare at it in disbelief. The whole metal mounting assembly renders
    the test port un accessible to my Washington state emissions test
    computers. I either need to modify it or yank it out every year for
    testing. And yes it is all genuine honda parts and it has not ever
    been wrecked.

    The window motors really suck. I installed a brand new one in the
    driver side and for some reason on cold days it is really slow.

    I have also had to replace the auto door lock sensor on the drivers
    door (master) and order new keyfobs via Ebay. Everything there works
    for now!

    Thats it for now. I will check back some other time. Cheers.
    cribis, Jan 6, 2005
  2. The slow windows on cold days is a known issue - the guides get a grip on
    the window. Spraying the window guides with silicone spray should have you
    working normally again (so you can devote your energy to fuming about the
    brain-dead test port location.)

    Michael Pardee, Jan 6, 2005
  3. cribis

    Cosmin N. Guest

    If that doesn't work, it's the main windows switch on the driver's side.
    Uninstall it and take it apart (it's somewhat difficult, but not
    impossible). I'm willing to bet the button contacts are melted and
    blackened from electric arcs. Clean off the soot and the windows should
    work much better.

    You could also buy a new switch from Honda, but it will cost you more
    than $100.

    Cosmin N., Jan 6, 2005
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