Help, will this remote work with this radio? FCC ID almost the same

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Orick, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Orick

    Orick Guest

    Hi everyone, are your remote FCC ID and radio FCC ID exactly the same
    or are they almost the same but off by one digit? Can you be kind to
    me plus anyone else that might have similar problem and tell us?

    I bought a 97 Civic EX recently and the previous owner put in an
    aftermarket radio/cd player. He give away or sold the Honda radio.

    I have a little light on top of steering column (between steering
    wheel and the instrument cluster). It never lights up. I assume that's
    the alarm light for the honda alarm system. Is that correct or is
    there some other alarm stuff going on here?

    Now I have done some research and know I have to have the Honda radio
    for the remote keyless to work. And I saw from older posts that the
    radio and the remote must have matching FCC ID.

    I have two remotes with the FCC ID: A269ZUA101

    I am considering buying a radio with FCC ID: A269ZUA102

    I looked up the FCC ID at the remote
    FCC ID was granted on 5/09/95 and the radio FCC ID was granted on
    6/08/95. Both have lower range of 433.4 mhz and upper range of 434.4
    mhz. I am thinking that these two should work based on the frequency.
    The difference in FCC ID is just one is for the radio and the other is
    for the remote. Can anyone confirm this ????

    Oh, BTW, show alphine is the company that applied for the FCC
    ID. So I guess Alphine does the radio for Honda, which means alphine
    cd player would work with the Honda radio.

    Also, it looks like my remote FCC ID is the same as a 1998 Accord LX
    one and a 1999 Civic LX one. Just in case anyone is interested.

    Thanks for reading the long post and probably some useless info.
    Thanks for the help in advance. Once I get it figured out I will post
    the result.
    Orick, Jun 30, 2004
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