Help Rear Caliper Rebuild Boot won't fit

Discussion in 'Fit' started by googamooga, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. googamooga

    googamooga Guest

    I bought some caliper rebuild kit for all four of my brakes. The
    front was pretty simple but on the back I am having some difficulty
    putting on the rubber dust boot on the piston. I first tried to put
    the rubber boot on the piston then tried to screw on, but the rubber
    boot wouldn't fit into its place. Now I just put the rubber boot in
    first then I tried to force the piston through it in a clock ward
    motion but its not working. Any tips on getting it to go through or
    should I get a remanufactured one from an auto part store and skip the
    googamooga, Sep 12, 2009
  2. googamooga

    googamooga Guest


    Ok after reading some sites I figured I could cut a plastic cup and
    shape it like a funnel and slide the piston in as a shoe horn.

    Now the next question is does anyone know what kind of snap ring
    pliers I can buy at Sears that will help me take the rear caliper

    Ones that I need are like this:

    googamooga, Sep 12, 2009
  3. googamooga

    Tegger Guest

    You could also just lube the boot with silicone grease while making sure
    your hands and the exterior of the boot are dry.

    In any case, the piston should always be given a light coating of silicone
    grease before assembly. This will help keep it free for along time.

    Sears may not cut it. You need to try somebody like NAPA, or one of those
    Snap-On, MAC, or Matco tool trucks.

    You wanna do just what I wanna do. And I have not yet got around to finding
    those snap ring pliers deep enough to grab that snap ring properly.

    Warning: If that snap ring slips off the pliers at any time while
    withdrawing it from the bore, it will damage the bore, so the stakes are
    high here! Have you thought about how you're going to hold the cup and
    spring down while you release the snap ring? There's a lot of spring
    tension there. Plus you need an air compressor to pop the parking brake
    piston out of the bore.

    I bought a caliper from the wreckers for ten bucks so I could experiment,
    which is how I know all this. That's one complex little beast there.

    My left rear caliper heats up about 10F hotter than the right (115 versus
    105), and I'd like to rebuild both of them before winter.
    Tegger, Sep 12, 2009
  4. googamooga

    googamooga Guest


    Man the real funny thing is that the rear calipers were in good shape,
    I was just going to do a thorough job by doing all 4 but I think I
    learned my lesson. I think I will just put the dust boot back on and
    wait til the rear calipers fail, then i will buy a remanufactured one.
    googamooga, Sep 12, 2009
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