Has anyone used GARMIN STREETPILOT C340 GPS in their Hondas?

Discussion in 'Pilot' started by alfred, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. alfred

    alfred Guest

    I know this is a Honda group and I actually own a honda accord and was
    considering the:


    I guess I could go out and spend 2000.00 on a built in unit or buy this one
    which is $428.00 in the areas near me. Its touch screen and voice, just not
    built in.

    Anyway, it is mostly plug and play although you can buy an external antenna
    if you want one. I was wondering...

    1. Do you feel that the external antenna is needed?
    2. Is there a high theft rate for these portable units (where parking
    requires putting it under the seat etc)
    3. Any comments about this unit?

    alfred, Aug 19, 2007
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  2. alfred

    Bruce. Guest

    Don't overlook posting also in alt.satellite.gps.garmin

    Bruce., Aug 20, 2007
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  3. alfred

    tww1491 Guest

    I use a C330 in an 06 Accord coupe and a Pilot. Works just fine as it is.
    Washes out a little in bright sunlight is my only criticism.
    tww1491, Aug 20, 2007
  4. alfred

    alfred Guest

    Okay thanks, I was just wondering about using the optional antenna if thats
    needed also.
    alfred, Aug 20, 2007
  5. alfred

    johngdole Guest

    Also check out the Garmin Nuvi 350 (around $380 Amazon). I highly
    recommend the Nuvi series. However the specs of both look similar. The
    Nuvi has the new SIRF III antenna, but the C240 guides with <5m
    accuracy too. The C240 is no longer listed on Garmin's site. That
    should tell you something.

    In the US, you should use the NavTeq map instead of the Tele Atlas.
    Tele Atlas is improving their US maps, but they are still better for
    Europe. In fact, I'd avoid GPS with Tele Atlas maps in the US for now.
    You can Google long routes, wrong turns and other horror stories with
    Tele Atlas maps.

    Yes, GPS units are high-theft items. Take the thin Nuvi with you in
    your shirt pocket, don't leave any unit in a hot car -- it wear out
    the batteries quicker.
    johngdole, Aug 20, 2007
  6. alfred

    johngdole Guest

    If you drive cars with metallic window tinting sheets/coatings (heat
    reflecting) then you may have problems with GPS reception. But the
    Nuvi 350 worked fine in a variety of cars so far.
    johngdole, Aug 20, 2007
  7. alfred

    nm5k Guest

    I doubt I would cough up 2k for one... $428.00 sounds better to
    me.. :/
    Myself, I use an older magellan meridian handheld unit. I've never
    had any trouble running it in a car, even with no outside antenna.
    On mine, if the sat signals are marginal, it might take a bit longer
    initialize, but it still works. If I want it to initialize faster, I
    can just
    set it on the dashboard so it gets a better view of the sky, and yes,
    I do have some of that metal sun "shield" stuff up by my rearview
    mirror. "This is in a 05 corolla". Once it sets up, it will rarely
    lose it's
    fix on the birds, even taking long trips on the interstates. And the
    can be laying on the seat next to me.. Doesn't have to be on the dash.
    So as long as the unit is ok and has an internal antenna, you should
    no trouble running it in a car, even with no outside antenna.
    Heck, I only paid $60 for mine on fleabay, and it was like new.
    I added a 1 gig SD card to store maps, and loaded the whole USA
    worth of maps into the thing. Pretty dang good for about a C note..
    Plus I can use it out at my land when walking around. I use it to
    see my property lines, corners when I'm playing in the woods...
    It's not color, but I really don't need that. They did make a color
    meridian model though.. I've got software on the puter where I can
    edit/load maps, download tracks, waypoints, etc..
    nm5k, Aug 20, 2007
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