Has anyone here replaced the brake pads themselves on a 2001 orlater Odyssey?

Discussion in 'Odyssey' started by BillP, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. BillP

    BillP Guest


    My '01 LX has 29K miles on it... I am the original owner, having purchased
    it in June 2001.

    I took a look at the front pads and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of
    wear. It looks as if the groove is still about 3/16" deep. The pads on
    both front wheels are wearing evenly.

    My question: when should I take another look at these? It's a pretty easy
    job to replace disk pads, at least on other vehicles. Can anyone chime in
    with any "gotchas" with regard to changing brakes yourself on the Odyssey?
    Is there a brand of replacement brake pad I should absolutely avoid? (I
    bought a box of the house brand from AutoZone - but cannot recall the name
    right now - should I return them and get my money back?)

    Also, once I had the wheels off, I had a good look at the CV joints and
    decided it would be prudent to wash the rubber boots, to remove any
    grime/grease that may have settled there, since this is what causes them to
    crack open later and fail. I took the Odyssey to a nearby carwash and, with
    the front wheels turned in one direction to their maximum, stuck the wash
    wand in and sprayed that yellowish engine degreaser on them, on the front
    suspension parts and into the wheel wells. I did all four wheels. Then I
    did the high pressure rinse. Does anyone know if this is actually prudent
    or am I possibly washing away something more important, like grease from
    certain fittings?


    BillP, Apr 27, 2004
  2. BillP

    Charlie S Guest

    If you are replacing disks, my recomendation is replace them when they
    are half worn. Pads are cheep.
    Drum brakes are another story. Honda drums have to be assembled on a
    bench vice. They have a different installation method than GM or Ford.
    Charlie S, Apr 30, 2004
  3. Bill, washing your cv boots is not only excessive it is also a waste of
    time. It is not that slight buildup that causes then to wear and crack but
    the accordion like motion they make when you turn the wheel, i'm afraid the
    only way to prevent cv boot wear is to drive in a perfectly straight line.

    As far as the brakes go, I recommend inspecting your brake every 7500 miles
    like it says in the owners manual. The brake pads from AutoZone will make
    so much noise you wont be able to stand it. Get pads from a dealer OEM pads
    are more expensive, but you can DEFINITELY tell the difference. Honda's
    recommended service limit for pad thickness is 2mm.
    George Pennington, May 5, 2004
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