Got my 2001 Prelude SE, 1994 Accord Haynes manual available for free

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Cosmin N., Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Cosmin N.

    Cosmin N. Guest

    I know I posted this previously, but unfortunately it didn't look like I
    was going to find a good Prelude any time soon. All the ones I found at
    a reasobable price were either clearly abused, or they had no
    maintenance records at all. So I decided to keep the manual for the time
    being. But I'm taking delivery of the Prelude on Tuesday, so if anyone
    is interested in my 1994-1997 Accord Haynes manual, it's free, as long
    as as my shipping costs are covered.

    Email me at cosi at rogers dot com with your Province/State and postal
    code, so I can get an accurate price from the post office.

    Regarding my new(er) car, it was worth the wait. This Prelude SE is in
    mint condition (exterior, interior and mechanicaly), with only 26000km
    (about 16000mi) on board. It has ALL maintenance records, including oil
    changes. I really, really hope I won't be dissapointed in it, but after
    the test drive, I doubt it.

    It already has the 30k km maintenance performed, including the oil
    change. Is there anything I should do on such a low mileage car?

    Cosmin N., Apr 4, 2004
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