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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by mmdir2005, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. mmdir2005

    mmdir2005 Guest

    I don't need alarm in my old car, 89 civic. The alarm has some
    problem causes some weird
    starting problem so I need to get rid of alarm. How hard is to
    uninstall the alarm system?

    I think my alarm is code alarm. I do not know the model number.

    I found this on ebay. Can someone tell me the moder number based on the
    keyless remote?
    mmdir2005, Sep 19, 2006
  2. mmdir2005

    Seth Guest

    That is a very common FOB for Code Alarm, so it is no help in determining
    the model number.

    Under your dash somewhere is the brain box. Code Alarm brains are approx
    3.5"x5"5"x1.5". On the bottom, either a white sticker with black ink, or
    actually embossed into the ABS plastic is the wiring chart. There are 2
    flavors of ignition interrupt.

    A) a single wire leaves the brain box (as indicated on the wiring chart) and
    goes to an external relay. That relay will have 4 wires. 1 from the brain
    and 1 going to either 12v or ground (I forget which). The other 2 will be
    your cars factory wire, both the same color as it was once a single wire
    that the installer cut to put the relay in line with. Remove relay
    attaching those 2 wires back to each other.

    B) 2 interrupt wires from brain go to a pair of factory wires from Honda,
    both the same color as the installer cut that wire to attach to the 2 wires
    from alarm brain so alarms on board relay can be used as an interrupter.

    A third option is somewhere in the car, usually on the dash, there will be
    an installed LED. Hidden under the dash will be an on-off switch. Changing
    that switch is ONLY recognized while the key is in the ON position.
    Flipping it while the car is ON will change that LED to SOLID. SOLID means
    VALET mode and all the arms functions are bypassed.
    Seth, Sep 20, 2006
  3. mmdir2005

    mmdir2005 Guest

    Thanks for good rebut. I find the manufacture and model #. The
    alarm model is Viper 300.
    The alarm brain is located behind the passinger side of under the
    dashboard. I just disconnected
    the packet of wires from the brain. The good news is I no longer have a
    starting problem related to alarm.
    It was the ignition interrution wires gave the starting problem. I
    have to trace all the wires to cut it out.
    mmdir2005, Sep 20, 2006
  4. mmdir2005

    Seth Guest

    Well then the FOB pictured in the link you posted was not for your alarm.
    Code Alarm and Viper are 2 different companies (unlike Viper/Python being
    the same and Code Alarm/Chapman being the same units).
    Actually you don't have to do anything else at this point. the starter
    interrupt relay is wired into your as an NC circuit (normally closed) and
    the relay will stay that way unless energized. How to get around it like I
    wrote up above is for a NO circuit (normally open) where the relay needs to
    be energized to complete the circuit.

    If you do decide to re-use the alarm and rehook it up, to put that unit into
    VALET mode, with the door open using the key FOB, hit buttons 1 then 2 then
    1 again. That toggles VALET mode on and off.
    Seth, Sep 21, 2006
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