G3 Accord intermittent rough or low idle

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Aron, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Aron

    Aron Guest

    Maybe I should say intermittent normal idle. When my '88 Accord DX
    (carbureted, automatic) warms up, the idle is often rough at a stop in gear
    and at idle. It is bad enough that the hood shakes and the steering wheel
    wiggles. If the idle isn't too low, it usually still vibrates enough to
    make the steering wheel wiggle rather obviously.

    In an attempt to fix this issue, I replaced the idle boost diaphragm that
    boosts the idle for the A/C and for the auto in gear. I changed the
    transmission fluid very recently and that had no effect. With the gas
    pedal, I can mostly get rid of the shake by raising the RPM to what appears
    to be a little over 800 RPM on the built-in tach. Even so, if it has a bad
    case of the shakes, you can still see and feel significant vibration in the
    steering wheel at this RPM but it is tolerable. Sometimes, on the same day
    it will be pretty smooth. Any ideas?

    Aron, Jun 16, 2004
  2. Aron

    Jason Guest

    Try adjusting the timing. I believe your vehicle has a carbuator. If so,
    you might try adjusting the carbuator. I seem to recall that there is one
    main screw that you can turn left or right that helps to adjust the idle.
    If you know the location of that screw, adjust it while the engine is
    running. Also--check all of the vacuum hoses to make sure they are
    connected and don't have any holes. Also, adjust the points.
    Jason, Jun 17, 2004
  3. Aron

    Aron Guest

    It is carbureted but it has no points. It has some kind of igniter system
    that uses vanes and an inductive pickup, or something to that respect. I
    have checked the vacuum hoses and the timing in past months trying to get to
    the bottom of this problem and have not found the answer. As far as
    adjusting the idle, there are a few screws for that along with one for the
    mixture. Sometimes it is idling rough when the RPM is appropriate according
    to the tach. That's what makes me hesitate to adjust the idle to fix the
    problem - it seems like the problem will still happen.

    The second thing that makes me hesitate to adjust the idle is that the
    procedure is "idle speed/mixture adjustment". I don't know if it's OK to do
    one without the other because the steps have you do both. I don't want to
    mess up the mixture. Also, to adjust the mixture, you have to unbolt the
    carburetor to get the cover off the mixture screw. This will mean replacing
    the gasket and maybe a number of old vacuum hoses. I don't want to deal
    with all that unless I am sure it's going to fix the problem.

    I'm happy to hear any suggestions from anybody though.
    Aron, Jun 21, 2004
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