Fuse Cover Box Missing

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by prashant.dewan, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. Hello

    First of all thanks for everybody who takes the trouble of reading this
    post and replying. I really appreicate all your help

    I have a honda accord/92/LX. The fuse box cover inside the hood does
    not have any info on the fuses. I mean I checked out haynes manual and
    it showed a (barely visible) diagram having a fuse box with a fuse box
    cover with all fuse info printed on the cover. My cover is blank, there
    is no fuse info. How can get this info because lots of fuse in the box
    are missing. I do not even know if they should be there or they are not
    supposed to be there.

    Secondly, how can i find out the same info for the fuse box under the
    steering wheel.

    Thanks a million
    prashant.dewan, Sep 26, 2004
  2. prashant.dewan

    Caroline Guest

    You might be able to extract your needs from the following:

    the 1991-93 online Accord manual at
    http://www.honda.co.uk/owner/workshopmanuals2.html Go to the Accord manual, then
    Electrical. See especially:

    http://www.honda.co.uk/owner/AccordManual/400/16-10.pdf (drawing of under hood
    fuse box with some fuses marked)

    http://www.honda.co.uk/owner/AccordManual/400/16-31.pdf (another drawing of
    under hood fuse box)

    http://www.honda.co.uk/owner/AccordManual/400/16-32.pdf (drawing of dash fuse

    2. www.autozone.com Click on "Repair Info." Keep following the pointers for
    (free) repair info. At some point the screen will prompt you for your car's info
    and then an online manual for your Accord will come up. Click on "Chassis
    Electrical," then "Circuit Protection." Also under "Chassis Electrical, see
    "Wiring Diagrams."
    Caroline, Sep 26, 2004
  3. prashant.dewan

    Jason Guest

    You should visit a junk yard and ask the manager if he can sell you a fuse
    box cover that has the diagram still on it. The manual that the other
    poster mentioned is probably a better option since it might have more
    detailed information than a new fuse box cover.
    Jason, Sep 27, 2004
  4. prashant.dewan

    motsco_ _ Guest


    On later versions, the sticker is on the _inside_ of the cover (at least
    on CRV), so when you find a good copy, glue it to the inside of the box
    cover so you'll always know where it is. :)

    motsco_ _, Sep 27, 2004
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