final step in replacing front bushings

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by adam.tomash, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. adam.tomash

    adam.tomash Guest

    Tegger's description and pictures are awesome and very enlightening. I
    think he tells you almost every thing you need to know with one

    The final step before tightening the bolts on any replaced bushings is
    after the nuts are started and snugged up lightly is to set the car
    down on ramps so the full weight of the car is on the suspension. Then
    tighten all the bolts to specified torque when the car is in its
    normal attitude. This prevents overstretching the rubber in the
    bushings and gives them equal flexibility in the upward and downward
    travel. If you don't do this then you run the risk of tearing the
    rubber on hard bumps.
    adam.tomash, Nov 18, 2007

  2. Yes, it is called neutralizing any pre-load. When you set the car on
    ramps it is a good idea to bounce the car around by hand to ensure that
    a neutral stance is acheived.

    Grumpy AuContraire, Nov 18, 2007
  3. adam.tomash

    Tegger Guest

    wrote in :

    Not when they're snugged up lightly, but when they're LOOSE.
    The nuts/bolts MUST be LOOSE. Not much, but just short of seating.

    Snugging will prevent the inner sleeve from rotating once the suspension
    has settled. It is this inner sleeve rotation that is so critical.

    You need to release the inner sleeves before you damage your bushings, if
    you haven't damaged them by now.

    Any any time I've discussed bushing replacement (including very recently in
    this group), I have said exactly that.

    When I did my fronts, it was not possible for me to lower the car. What I
    did was to load up the control arm with a jack and jack stand, measuring
    the distance from hub center to wheel well lip for confirmation. This
    placed the suspension at the right attitude for bushing tightening.
    Tegger, Nov 18, 2007
  4. adam.tomash

    adam tomash Guest

    Sorry I didn't see that in the thread you wrote on bushing replacement. I
    don't see so well so it is quite possible for me to miss it. I am new to
    posting in newsgroups and so don't follow it closely for long periods of
    time. I find all of your advice invaluable and from the perspective of the
    majority of the readers of this newsgroup. Please accept my apologies.

    11/18/07 16:4811/18/07 16:0m
    (please remove yourpants)--
    adam tomash, Nov 18, 2007
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