Factory replacement seat covers for my 87 civic?

Discussion in 'Civic' started by dethrai, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. dethrai

    dethrai Guest

    I'm in the market for a set of factory replacement seat covers for my
    87 civic. Are these available and if so, who sells them?

    The car is pretty much identical to this one :
    with beige interior.

    I guess they wouldn't have to be factory, I'm more concerned with the
    seats looking stock.

    dethrai, Dec 11, 2004
  2. dethrai

    cn.holmes Guest

    cn.holmes, Dec 11, 2004
  3. Try


    Put in your car's info. Look under "Front Seat-Seat Belt."

    If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, this company is pretty good
    with email responses.

    Unfortunately it looks like this will run you at least $250 per cover.
    Elle Navorski, Dec 11, 2004
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