Easy to replace inside / outside CV BOOTs for 93' Del Sol (auto) ?

Discussion in 'Del Sol' started by ndccpf1, May 10, 2008.

  1. ndccpf1

    ndccpf1 Guest

    I think the inner (close to tranny) is probably easiest but the
    outside one I have searched for (http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?

    ndccpf1, May 10, 2008
  2. ndccpf1

    jim beam Guest

    the procedure is covered in the factory workshop manual for the 2000
    civic. i seriously recommend you track that down and use it as its the
    most comprehensive description of what to do. i replaced the outer cv
    joint on a driveshaft recently and have some pics. i'll try to dig them
    up over the weekend and post them.

    in summary though, you use a slide hammer to pull the cv joint off the
    outer end of the shaft, replace the boot, then replace the joint. but
    there's a circlip ring you need to be very careful of. the joint is a
    pig to get back on because of it, and if this is the factory driveshaft
    and the boot has been replaced before, it may not have been reassembled
    right rendering it impossible to get the cv joint off again and you'll
    need to buy a new one. [it's possible to slide the cv joint past the
    ring on reassembly. if this happens, the ring opens too wide past the
    end of the splines in the joint and the joint cannot be forced back past
    it again.]

    if the cv joint is damaged, [makes a clacking noise as you turn] it's
    too late for that joint and it needs to be replaced. you can buy just
    the outer joint from honda, but it's not cheap. cheaper than a whole
    honda shaft though.

    for after-market shafts, they're usually not maintainable - the cv
    joints are permanently fixed. but the boot outlasts the joint for those
    things, so it's not a problem!

    when faced with boot replacement, most people simply replace the whole
    shaft as it's cheap [<$100 for the whole thing] and quick to replace
    [<20 minutes]. after-market shafts are ok, but the quality is never as
    good as the honda units. provided the boots aren't allowed to split and
    the cv joint loose lube, get grit contaminated and subsequently wear,
    factory honda shafts will last the life of the vehicle. ask tegger.
    jim beam, May 16, 2008
  3. ndccpf1

    jim beam Guest

    here are the visuals on the cv joint replacement.





    for the last one, these are the instructions that come with a new honda
    joint. note VERY CAREFULLY the diagram at the bottom and where the two
    slots need to align with the spring circlip between them. if this is
    done correctly, the shaft will disassemble again. if it's pushed too
    far, the spring opens up outside the end of the splines and is too large
    a circumference to come back out again.

    when assembling the joint, use a jubilee clip to compress the circlip
    [just like you'd use a piston ring compressor] or you'll have the same
    problem assembling the joint as the disassembly problem outlined above.

    again, the 2000 civic workshop manual describes the process [not all
    others do] and should be read before undertaking this job.
    jim beam, May 18, 2008
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