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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Tim Brown, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Tim Brown

    Tim Brown Guest

    Has anyone experienced problems with the driver's seat not fully locking
    when not in the full backward position. I drive with the seat all the way
    back and don't face this daily, but when I test the seat more forward it
    seems to "give" just a tad too much for my comfort along with inertia in
    stopping. The Honda people think I am am delusional, I believe. Anyone else
    noticing this?
    Tim Brown, Oct 6, 2003
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  2. Tim Brown wrote:

    P R I V A T E L Y

    What year, model, and mileage are we talking about ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    'Curly Q. Links', Oct 6, 2003
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  3. Tim Brown

    Dungheap Guest

    The driver's seat in my 03 EX V6 Coupe with 10k miles on it has done this
    under heavy braking since day one, it shifts forward a good 1-2" and is
    quite bothersome. The service department at my Honda dealer said its not a
    safety issue and I should just "live with it" They have also said that
    about the clear plastic faceplate on the stock radio that warps and pops off
    in the Texas heat...

    I hate this car and the lack of service I am getting from the dealers in my
    Dungheap, Oct 7, 2003
  4. Tim Brown

    TL Guest

    Both are clearly issues that need to be addressed by the dealer (or
    another with a complaint to Honda). The moving seat is in fact a very
    real safety issue as it affects both seatbelt tension and the distance
    from the airbag. Seats should not move when they are properly adjusted
    to a notch in the track. If that is really happening on multiple cars,
    I can't believe we aren't seeing / won't see a recall.

    Re the radio, that's pretty bizarre. I'm assuming it is like mine (4
    cyl EX-L) unless you've got the Nav as well. But it certainly should
    not do that.
    TL, Oct 7, 2003
  5. Tim Brown

    Dungheap Guest

    Preaching to the choir my friend :) I know the seat is a safety hazard,
    though I didn't think about it from the airbag and seatbelt perspective,
    only from the having to "brace" to keep from losing control while the seat

    Curious about the "notch" in the track that you mention. This is the power
    8 way adjustable so it doesn't really have a notch that it should be in

    I know the radio face plate shouldn't do it. The dealer says "when we
    replace it the new piece warps out too so its pointless to fix it, live with
    it" Its the 6 disk in dash changer radio... don't know if that matters or
    not *shrug*

    While I'm on the topic of annoyances...
    The trim along the bottom edge of the driver's and passenger windows, a big
    flat shiny piece of tape on top of plastic basically, bubbles and peels.
    Mines been replaced and the replaced ones do it too. Once again "live with

    One is a squeak located in the passenger side c pillar somewhere. I have
    taken it back to the dealership numerous times, the service writer has heard
    the squeak twice and subsequently claimed they fixed it each time. Every
    time they 'disassemble' the interior to try to fix a noise the noise gets
    worse and worse. It seems exactly like the TSB someone mentioned a few weeks
    back except my VIN isn't in the affected class.

    The second noise is located in the passenger door, its a buffeting noise
    that sounds like canvas blowing in the wind, it usually starts around 65-80
    mph. The service department has messed around in the door numerous times
    but never fixed anything.

    Dungheap, Oct 8, 2003
  6. Tim Brown

    TL Guest

    I wasn't thinking. Of course you have a power seat, as do I! I was
    thinking about the notches on a manual seat. I know that seat movement
    has been a major safety issue since the days when seats used to pull
    out of the floor in a major collision. I never thought about it with
    power seats, but there must be some kind of locking mechanism or
    perhaps its on a threaded rod (though it would hard to understand how
    that could slip).
    I love when someone responds to a problem by saying, yeah it's a real
    problem, we can reproduce it, it's an engineering problem, therefore
    we're not responsible to fix it. By that logic, any problem that is
    systemic doesn't have to be fixed. That's nuts IMHO. If it is that
    widespread in hot climates, Honda needs to find a solution.
    TL, Oct 8, 2003
  7. Tim Brown

    Guest Guest

    If you mean on my 2003 Accord EX V6, the answer is yes. Mine was built
    in June and has a just over 2000 miles.

    I notice that when I do an S curve at highway speeds, I feel the seat
    shift to the side a bit. It as if there is some side to side play in the
    power seat. It seems to be getting more frequent as the car gets older.

    Has anyone gotten Honda to succesfully fix their seat yet?
    Guest, Oct 9, 2003
  8. Tim Brown

    Tim Brown Guest

    My local service provider just returned my call and said that they have no
    indication that is wrong from the headquarters and will just make a note of
    it. I think we are out of luck on this one until someone has a wreck due to
    Tim Brown, Oct 9, 2003
  9. Tim Brown

    Chip Stein Guest

    i'd have to feel the seat to give a reasonable answer on that one.
    they are too complicated to guess.
    as for the radio lens. there is a TSB on this for a replacement
    lens. bulletin has been out for several days. tell the dealer to do
    their job and read these things.
    Chip Stein, Oct 10, 2003
  10. Tim Brown

    ccombs Guest

    I just purchased a 2004 Accord V6 and noticed the same problem with the
    seat moving side to side, most noticeably to the right. Kind of odd.
    Have you found a fix to this?
    ccombs, Aug 23, 2004
  11. Tim Brown

    Chip Stein Guest

    only fix i found so far was replace the entire seat track since parts
    are not available seperately.
    Chip Stein, Aug 24, 2004
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