door locks gone wild

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by mharness, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. mharness

    mharness Guest


    The "automatic" door locks on my 96 Civic LX started popping open all by
    themselves recently. Doesn't matter whether the car's running or not or if
    the ignition is turned on or not. Thought it might be someone else's remote
    but the car does not appear to have ever had remote locks. Pulled the plug
    on the master switch on the driver's door and they still unlock themselves
    and then keep on unlocking themselves even though they're unlocked.

    Any ideas for what's causing this?

    Many thanks,

    mharness, Jul 24, 2005
  2. mharness

    motsco_ _ Guest


    :) Do you live in Haiti, or Salem, by chance? ? :)

    Read your owner's manual, and remove the fuse for that circuit, if it
    doesn't have anything else too important on it.

    YOur locks have a corroded connection, or there's something gumming them
    up from sliding properly. You didn't put OIL in one of them, did you?

    motsco_ _, Jul 24, 2005
  3. mharness

    mharness Guest

    Hey Curly,

    No voodoo or spells at work here I'm afraid. More like failing electronics
    I think and all of the locks still work easily and as expected (except for
    unlocking themselves of course) so there was no reason or logic to oiling

    I don't have the owners manual and the map on the fuse box cover indicates a
    couple of possible fuses for this purpose but when none of them disabled the
    master switch I pulled each fuse and was still able to open and close the
    locks with the switch. I suppose I could have waited a while with each fuse
    out to see if the locks popped open on their own again but dismissed the
    idea as too time consuming and figured pulling the fuse wouldn't solve the
    problem anyway.

    If the locks still open on their own when the master switch is disconnected,
    that switch must lead to a relay the "thinks" it's getting a signal from the
    switch and keeps opening the locks over and over again regardless. I'm
    assuming that there is just one relay because the only way to open all of
    the locks at once in this car is by using the master switch--the driver's
    door key won't open them and neither do any of the individual plunger locks
    on the other three doors.

    So, does anyone know where the relay is located?


    mharness, Jul 24, 2005
  4. mharness

    usenet Guest

    I once went to purchase another radio for my 98 Civic and was told tha
    my remote lock control would not work since the signal was recieved an
    processed by the radio. Try pulling the fuse on your radio if it is th
    origional radio.
    I chose not to buy the radio so I don't know if this will fix you
    usenet, Sep 6, 2005
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