door lock remote doesn't work after stereo upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by MinnesotaMike, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. After upgrading the stereo system in our 97 Civic HX, the remote door
    lock control will not work. There was two parts to the original stereo
    system. One was up by the heater controls and the CD player was down by
    the cup holder. I have checked the fuses, under the dash, but they are
    all okay. Any reason why this would happen? Any suggestions on what to
    check? Everything worked before the install so I'm a little lost right now.
    MinnesotaMike, Apr 26, 2005
  2. MinnesotaMike

    Joseph Wind Guest

    In certain model years of Honda Civics, Accords, and Preludes, the keyless
    entry was tied into the Stereo head unit. The easiest solution was to keep
    factory stereo in the dash and mount the new head unit in it's place. I
    think there is a box you can buy to "act" like the old head unit, and still
    use the harness for the speakers.

    Check with your dealer to be sure.

    Joseph Wind, Apr 26, 2005
  3. MinnesotaMike

    Randolph Guest

    In the 1996 - 1998 Civic, the receiver for the keyless remote was
    integrated into the factory stereo. If you replace your stereo with an
    identical Honda unit, you will have to reprogram it to match your keys,
    if you replace it with an after-market unit (or a Honda unit that does
    not have the receiver in it) your keyless remote will not work. Your
    dome light probably stopped coming on when you open the doors? It is
    wired through the stereo as well.

    There are several work around:

    1. You can wire the new and the old stereo up at the same time and hide
    the factory stereo behind the dash / center console (yes, it will fit!).
    See (leads to If you
    do this, the factory stereo gets all connections except the speaker
    wires, the new stereo gets all the wires except the keyless entry wires.
    Do a search for "Civic Relocation harness" and you will find
    ready made harnesses that will allow you to do this. I know Scosche
    makes them. Remember to keep the front panel from the factory stereo;
    You will need it if you ever need to reprogram the keyless entry

    2. You can install a new after market keyless entry system like (Part number 330-145 from This is a complete keyless entry system
    for $40. You will have to use the new key chain transmitters that come
    with the unit, the original Honda key fobs will not work (try it anyway,
    there is a small chance you can program the BW850 unit to receive the
    Honda keyfob signal). This system
    does everything the original factory system does, including priority
    unlock (driver's door only on first press, all doors on second press,
    feature can be programmed on or off) and dome light control (need an
    additional relay, e.g. at $1.19). It is easy to
    install, as all the wires you need are available on the plug that went
    into the factory stereo. If you go this route, post a real e-mail
    address, and I can send you a wiring diagram. I have installed two of
    these before.

    A very modest collection of Honda tech info can be found at:
    Randolph, Apr 26, 2005
  4. Randolph,

    Thanks so much for the link! It's just what I needed. I will probably
    keep the original radio for now. It really seems strange that the
    remote is tied into the radio. I'll let you know if I decide to go with
    the aftermarket keyless entry.
    Thanks again for all your help!

    MinnesotaMike, Apr 26, 2005
  5. MinnesotaMike

    meitzner Guest

    Hi there, maybe you can help me figure out what’s going on in my
    situation: I bought a used 97 civic LX with an aftermarket stereo.
    Then bought a stereo from a 96 LX and the Y-harness to supply power to
    the Honda stereo and the aftermarket one. Plugged in power harness
    and the green "keyless/security" harness into the Honda stereo.
    Dome light function is restored, but when i go to program the keyless
    remote and press the "valet" button, nothing happens (the
    instructions say that the locks should "cycle"). Is there any way
    you know of to test the output of the Honda radio, or the wires to see
    if the green harness got messed up somehow or if the radio just isn’t
    working? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the keyless entry
    connector (green 16-pin) or the radio?

    meitzner, May 12, 2005
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