dim headlights on 98 CRV

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Michael, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    I put on some cheap fog lights from Walmart under my front bumper. These
    are turned on via a relay hooked to my headlight dim power line.

    These cheesy little 55 watt fog lights turned out to be dramatically
    brighter than my headlights.

    So, I started looking at my headlights. I saw a little reflective cup
    covering the bulb. I wondered if the reflective surface of the interior
    of this cup was still good. I removed the bulb and looked into the cup.
    It was totally black and powdery looking inside.

    This headlight assy is glued together and I could not open it. So, I put
    in a screwdriver and bent this cup as far down into the lower headlight
    assy as possible. I then cleaned the black paint from the front of the
    headlight bulb and reinstalled it into the plastic headlight assy.

    The difference in lighting between the headlight that I had not modified
    and my newly changed headlight was huge. I had considered replacing the
    55/60 watt bulb with a 80/100 watt replacement. I did not do this for
    fear of melting the plastic headlight assy and I would also have to
    install yet more relays to power these new amp hogs.

    I offer this as a cheap way to improve the lighting on these old cars.

    BTW if anyone has successfully used 80/100 bulbs, please comment.
    Michael, Aug 9, 2008
  2. Michael

    jim beam Guest

    high wattage bulbs are illegal - the light output of head lights is
    limited by law. if the reflector/light path is crudded up, that's a
    different matter, but illegal bulbs are not the solution.
    jim beam, Aug 10, 2008
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