Dealer falsified mileage on warranty claim: follow up

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by P. Moss, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. P. Moss

    P. Moss Guest

    I thought I'd start a new thread since my old post is probably buried by

    I took the advice of this group and contacted Honda customer service via
    phone to file a complaint. It took the rep at Honda about a week to get in
    touch with the service manager at the dealership. (Apparently she had left
    him a few messages and finally talked to a service writer who agreed to
    personally deliver a message to the service manager.)

    The dealership admitted the "mistake" and offered to perform the service for
    me. The rep encouraged me to let them do the work.

    Which, of course, is the last thing I want to do.

    After a service manager has lied to you ("...we have to eat this
    can still get the service performed at any Honda dealership up to 150k
    miles...."), it doesn't exactly encourage one to have their service
    department do more work on your car. Plus, this is the same dealership with
    whom I had a bad experience when they installed new seatbelts last December:

    The customer service rep essentially told me they couldn't do anything; this
    was now an issue between the dealership who filed the claim and the warranty
    department at Honda. I even called the good dealer (the ones who were going
    to do this work for me, till they ran my VIN) and they encouraged me to just
    let the other dealer do it. They surmised that the other dealer had, in the
    perception of Honda, made the effort to appease me and any more resistance
    from me would be perceived as beating a dead horse. Honda apparently isn't
    overly concerned about the false warranty claim.

    I don't want the bad dealership to perform the service...period. And I
    don't think I should have to: the mistake was on *their* end, I did nothing
    wrong. I pointed out their mistake and they still filed a false claim,
    which has the side effect of me now chasing them trying to get a resolution
    to this.

    In short, I was entitled to take my car to any Honda dealer in the U.S.
    between 75 and 150k to get this service done. Now I can't, and it's their

    Now what? Any advice on getting this cleaned up in a timely manner?

    P. Moss, Jul 20, 2003
  2. P. Moss

    brian Guest

    There are two things about cars that really stink. One is playing
    games with the dealers when buying the car. The second is having it
    serviced when you have a problem. I have realized that the sales and
    service guys are in most cases very difficult to deal with. Honda
    products are so good that these guys can be that way (ie, folks keep
    coming back). I cant say that about other makers. Anyway, the best
    way to insulate yourself from these guys is to buy a car that needs
    only minimal service (ie, like the honda).
    brian, Jul 20, 2003
  3. P. Moss

    Guest Guest

    The "Rep" wants the easy way out, the one that doesn't require any changes
    in the corporate computer records. That's why he is encouraging you to take
    your car to the dealer that is offering to do the work essentially "under
    the table."
    No doubt.
    Yes, and unless you stir the pot, the issue is closed. They like it that
    They have to live with that dealer too. Don't expect any help from that
    That isn't expected. To them it was simply an "error".
    Well, you either get the service done at the dealer that screwed it up (and
    hope that they don't do something malicious to your car) or you go up the
    ladder at Honda customer service. If you go up the ladder, explain that you
    are concerned that the dealer that got caught will not do work up to Honda
    quality and that you simply want the options that you were originally
    entitled to, that of having any dealer do the work. You might as well try
    going to the rep's supervisor as you have nothing to lose if you do.
    Guest, Jul 20, 2003
  4. P. Moss

    TL Guest

    I don't have the original post, but I didn't remember that you had any
    complaints about the work they actually did on the car, just that they
    took it upon themselves to do work before the specified period. Then
    they apparently reported it falsely to Honda.

    This doesn't seem worth the time, frankly. I'd have the old dealer do
    the service again as they've offered. Verify that the work was done
    and move on. If there is a problem with that work, you can always take
    the car somewhere else under the Honda service warranty.

    You won. Honda agreed and forced the dealer to redo the work at no
    charge to you or Honda. As far as Honda is concerned, they've already
    paid the dealer to do the work.
    TL, Jul 23, 2003
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