Dash board & tail lights wont work

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by BUBBASHRIMP, Mar 5, 2007.



    When I turn on the headlights sometimes the dash board lights work,
    when they don’t work I have to move the handle switch around and they
    go back on. This problem is also affecting my tail lights I have to
    play with the knob switch to make them go on. Do I have a short in the
    steering column or inthe handle signal switch on the side of the
    steering column.

    1992 Honda Accord
    BUBBASHRIMP, Mar 5, 2007

    Randolph Guest

    You do not have a short. A short is when two wires connect to each other
    when they shouldn't. What you probably have is a light switch with
    enough dirt and gunk in it after 15 years of use that it does not always
    make contact. You could try contact cleaner, but you'd be hard pressed
    to get it in where it needs to go without removing the switch from the
    Randolph, Mar 5, 2007
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