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Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Ed, May 24, 2006.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Hi, i have just bought a CRV, a 2003 2.0 (Manual) Exec with Satellite
    Navigation. The unit failed and the dealer fitted a new unit but left in the
    old disc (i presume it's the original disc) and on checking the settings
    info on the unit i see the following

    Database Version 2.004.10/202.1153
    Software Version - Ver .02.06.60

    I see DVDs on Ebay (Version 2.06) going for £80. Would this be an upgrade
    for me? I am not sure whether the DVD is the 'Database' version or the
    software version?

    Also, i am new to 4WD, if i get a terminal' puncture do i need to replace
    both tyres on that axle?


    Ed in Glasgow
    Ed, May 24, 2006
  2. Ed

    Bob Holiday Guest

    Hi, Ed--

    Unless you get a better, more specific answer, here's how you can find out.
    Go onto and simply register your vehicle as a current Honda owner.
    Once you put in your VIN, the site will know everything about your car,
    including the nav system. After that, when you go to, right on the opening page will be a link
    stating something like "update my nav system." From there, you'll see:

    Information and product details vary based on the year and model of
    your vehicle. Please select your vehicle below to view information specific
    to your vehicle. <<

    Or, you can call the company directly which handles nav updates for
    Honda. This is a U.S. number, so maybe you'll have one for Europe; they can
    probably refer you if necessary:

    Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.
    (888) 291-4675

    Hope that helps!
    Bob Holiday, Jun 3, 2006
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