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Discussion in 'CR-V' started by fish, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. fish

    fish Guest

    I've been doing some research on my next auto and narrowed my choices down
    to the CR-V -vs- Rav 4.

    Does the CR-V offer an actual car alarm?

    It was not mentioned anywhere when I did my research.

    The vehicle I am considering is the 2007 2WD LX (almost fully loaded, except
    for the moon roof) -vs- the Rav 4 sport edition with the 18 inch wheels and
    6 cylinder engine.

    The CR-V is more affordable.
    fish, Dec 25, 2006
  2. If affordability is a factor, you should check out the RAV 4 with the 4
    cyl engine--nothing wrong with the Toyota 4 cyl. The V6 engine will
    give much superior performance in terms of acceleration, especially when
    carrying a heavy load(passengers,cargo etc.). I like the appearance of
    the new CRV better--no external tire carrier for one thing. On the
    other hand, the RAV 4 has more cargo space than the CRV.

    Kenneth J. Harris, Dec 25, 2006
  3. fish

    E Meyer Guest

    The Honda website lists a "security system" in the specs for the '07 CR-V as
    standard equipment on the EX & EX-L and unavailable on the LX. I did not
    find any discussion of what it provides. You will need to go to a dealer
    and get them to show you what it consists of, and if satisfactory, you
    probably need to consider upgrading your plans to the EX model.

    If you are considering the RAV-4 with a V-6 as an alternative, the
    difference between a CR-V LX and EX pales in comparison & will still be more
    affordable. I sort-a doubt you will look back at the Honda once you test
    drive that V-6.
    E Meyer, Dec 26, 2006
  4. fish

    fish Guest

    E Meyer sez to fish who blubbed...
    Wow, thanks for the advice.
    I really needed that.

    I know the Rav-4 offers a security system from the specs, just trying to see
    what I need to know - like most people, I am looking for a very reliable
    auto that will provide reliable transportation for a great many years to
    come. A vehicle that would be a pleasure to drive.

    When I sampled the stereo system in the CR-V -vs- the Rav-4, it was obvious
    that the Rav-4 has a much better quality stereo system.

    Is having the spare tire on the back a hassle or convenience?

    I mean, if you need to change a flat, with the new CR-V, you would have to
    empty the cargo area to get to the hidden spare below the board - but on the
    Rav-4 you don't have to touch your valuables inside just to get to the

    fish, Dec 27, 2006
  5. fish

    Joe LaVigne Guest

    True. But the external spares have become a high-theft item. In Buffalo,
    these are disappearing left and right from all makes of cars...

    Fairly easy target...
    Joe LaVigne, Dec 27, 2006
  6. fish

    planetx Guest

    My friend had her spare tire stolen on her RAV4. I am considering a
    CRV---and will not look at a RAV4 just for the spare tire reason. Also
    if you have a regular car you would have to empty the trunk to get to
    the spare tire as well--right? Unless you expect to change tires once a
    week(In my 24 years of driving I have never had a flat) I would not use
    the convienence of a spare tire to justify your purchase.

    I also think buying a car based solely on a stereo is ridiculous.
    planetx, Dec 27, 2006
  7. fish

    E Meyer Guest

    I have an '06 CR-V with the tire on the back. I haven't noticed any CR-V's
    or RAV4's driving around here (Dallas) with missing spares. There must be
    tire shortage in Buffalo? The dealers around here automatically put wheel
    locks on these things anyway, including one on the spare.

    Unlike Consumer Reports, who seemed to think anyone buying a CR-V or RAV4
    backs into parking places such that the rear door can't be opened, we think
    the side opening back door was one of the 06's best features. I was
    disappointed to see it go & glad I got the '06 before it was too late.

    The inside-stored compact spare is actually a cost/content reduction vs. the
    outside mounted alloy wheel and real-tire. You are getting less. The only
    valid complaint I have heard about the tailgate mounted spare is that in a
    rear end collision it is what will be hit, missing the bumper (assuming
    there actually is a bumper) and generally results in excessive damage to the
    back of the car.
    E Meyer, Dec 27, 2006
  8. fish

    Joe LaVigne Guest

    My father works at a local college. The number one theft item in the past
    2 years has been external spares. And a wheel lock on them is a joke. It
    slows down a theif, but at 3 AM, without having to do any jacking or hard
    work, the tire can be pretty easily removed, and sold for $50. For a guy
    looking for some quick cash, they are a easy target.

    And who really needs a full-size spare, and easily accessible to boot?
    How often do you plan on using it? My last flat tire was probably 5 years
    ago, and due to my own negligence (not having a proper alignment done
    after a tie-rod end replacement, causing quick, uneven wear).

    I would prefer a donut hidden in the cargo area, if given a choice...
    Joe LaVigne, Dec 28, 2006
  9. fish

    E Meyer Guest

    Where is this college?
    E Meyer, Dec 29, 2006
  10. fish

    Joe LaVigne Guest

    Buffalo, NY.
    Joe LaVigne, Dec 29, 2006
  11. fish


    From: (planetx)
    Same goes for a security system
    QUAKEnSHAKE, Jan 1, 2007
  12. fish

    fish Guest

    Happy New Years folks!!

    QUAKEnSHAKE typed:
    Interesting how you both seem to believe that I would purchase a vehicle
    based SOLELY on a single item.

    I do not recall every stating that.

    I am basing my purchase decision on many factors and am simply pointing out
    a mere few things on the list that I am using as a measure of which vehicle
    is better equipped to fit my needs.

    Thanks for the reply and have a happy and safe 2007!!
    fish, Jan 1, 2007
  13. fish


    Well then just from reading looks like the Rav4
    1.Better stereo
    2. better engine v6
    3. security system
    4. 18"wheels
    5. larger cargo area


    1.more affordable

    Might come down to just one item "cost".
    You want all those other things or save money.

    What is the price difference anyways?

    Which has the better ride, lower insurance, better mpg?
    QUAKEnSHAKE, Jan 2, 2007
  14. fish

    fish Guest

    QUAKEnSHAKE respectfully pointed out:
    There are a few others I plan on visiting the respective dealers for.

    I am considering vehicles that offer good gas mileage as a first priority,
    then I take it from there.

    For example, the Honda Element (22/27)
    The 2008 Ford Escape (36/31)
    Toyota Highlander (was considering the Hybrid, but I can get the gas version
    in the Limited trim for less and the mileage difference isn't that far off.
    That's where the research comes in.
    What I can afford to balance will help serve as a general guide.
    It varies depending on many things.
    However, I am simply setting up which vehicles I feel deserve my invested
    time to take a closer look at and if satisfied, a test drive.

    As much as I like the Honda CR-V, there seem to be quite a few negatives
    with it that tip the scale for me.

    I mean, the service dept. is a sure sign of what I should expect.

    For example, I bought my 97' Saturn back in '96, have it serviced only at
    the dealership with the genuine parts and it has been the most reliable
    vehicle I have ever owned.

    I want THAT experience and the service dept. at the Toyota
    dealership -compared- to the Honda dealership was dramatic - a clear winner
    by far.

    However, chosing a vehicle based only on one single item or feature, such as
    a superior service dept. might be unwise.
    Lower insurance?
    I didn't realize that chosing a....

    ....very interesting and valid point, Ray!

    The 2008 Saturn Vue is coming spring with a very aggressive price point
    geared with Hybrid technology in a V4 & two levels of V6 engines - but the
    reviews I've watched the videos of were not very impressive enough to
    consider, unless PRICE is the main concern - I want QUALITY, so there must
    be a balance.

    Pay a little more for quality?
    fish, Jan 3, 2007
  15. That must be the hybrid.

    You might want to subscribe to where you can get
    the test results for the '07 CRV and the others you are considering.
    You can set up a side-by-side comparison, although it doesn't include
    all of the stats available in the full report. I note that the
    Forester is significantly narrower than the CRV, RAV and Escape which
    are nearly identical in size. Highlander is a little bigger.

    Of these, The Ford definitely lags in reliability, depreciation and
    owner satisfaction. It also did worse in crash tests, especially if
    you don't have the optional side air bags (which are standard in the
    other cars.)

    The CRV had the best "emergency" handling which I would relate also to
    "sporty" handling. That would be a big factor for me, but I would
    prefer a sporty station wagon to any of these hulks. The Ford had the
    worst braking performance. The Highlander with the V6 was fastest.
    The Forester and RAV with I4s were a second slower to 60 and the CRV
    and Escape hybrid were another second behind. The mileage of the
    Highlander (19 overall) was worst of the bunch reflecting its bigger
    size and V6 engine. CRV got 21, Forester 22 and RAV 23 and the Escape
    hybrid got 26. If you get the Highlander with the hybrid, it jumps to
    27, and it actually gets faster. Of course the cost soars as well.
    Substitute the V6 for the hybrid in the Escape and mileage plummets to
    17 with little improvement in acceleration. (So much for the theory
    that hybrids don't do anything.)

    Lots more info at the site. Not free but pretty cheap, especially
    when you are shopping for a car.

    So, Fish, why do you want an SUV anyway?
    Gordon McGrew, Jan 3, 2007
  16. You might also want to check different dealerships if you have more
    than one to choose from. There may be big differences between
    dealerships with the same brand.

    How can you compare service departments anyway? Does one look cleaner
    and shinier? That might just mean they do a lot of hosing, if you
    know what I mean.
    Gordon McGrew, Jan 3, 2007
  17. fish

    E Meyer Guest

    I don't see where the service department of the local dealer should be an
    issue (except maybe if you go with a Ford). In 12 years of Hondas, I have
    visited a dealer's service dept once for an inconsequential warranty issue
    on the '96 Odyssey, once for a warranty issue with the '00 Acura TL (peeling
    trim on a window frame), once for a defective plastic cargo hook on the '06
    CR-V. All under warranty, all at different dealerships, and all resolved
    quickly without hassle.

    These cars just don't need to constantly return to the dealer like your
    American cars of yesteryear. There are no tune-ups until at least 100,000
    miles, just periodic fluid changes and checks that you can easily do
    yourself, or have done pretty much anywhere.
    E Meyer, Jan 3, 2007
  18. fish

    fish Guest

    Gordon McGrew respectfully added...
    Yes and my research is limited until I pick up some magazines.

    I understand the next Consumer Reports should be due by January 9th (if I am

    I want to further add that any vehicle in the Limited trim will always have
    more safety, stability, security, bells & whistles than the base.

    Having said that, until the liquid hydrogen fuel cells start leaping into
    our production autos, the Hybrids are certainly helpful (but you have to
    consider the cost, plus Hybrids haven't been around long enough to base any
    reliability standard that I know of).
    The magazine edition should be coming soon.
    Last visit to the bookstore revealed in small print, "Display until January
    8, 2007".
    I am doing that now with the Kelly Blue Book website.
    I never owned a Ford and was simply looking at the stats before doing any
    real research.

    Someone at work drives one of those Ford SUV's, but it is not the Hybrid

    Anyhow, the top two vehicles remains the Honda CR-V and the Toyota Rav-4.

    I was told that the spare tire on the back could be a cause for concern in a
    rear end collision, which has me researching much more than I had originally
    had intended.

    Elsewhere, someone pointed out that the rear hatch on the 2007 Honda CR-V is
    flush right above the bumper and a collision would destroy the hatch because
    of the way it connects to the bumper when it's closed/locked.

    Those few concerns are the reason for my continued effort.

    I hope my efforts will help someone lurking in this newsgroup as she or he
    begins their own car research.
    Until I round up my preferred choices, then take them for a test drive, I
    will continue asking as many questions as I possibly can think of.
    I hate to cross Ford off the list, but your helpful facts have been a wealth
    of help!
    Just checking my list, I crossed the Forester off my list a while back -
    must have been something in the specs that didn't measure up.
    Wow, the Highlander had pretty good numbers last time I checked.
    I didn't realize the CR-V was that bad!
    Wow, those numbers listed on those websites are not very accurate.

    The 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid (2 WD) got city: 36 / hwy: 31.
    I know!! That's why I went one level down to the gas version which wasn't
    too far off the mark.
    The magazine edition is coming very soon - I can't wait!!
    Shopping can be fun, but when you have to have something delivered because
    you can't get it to fit in your trunk, it takes the fun out of shopping.

    If you have ever shopped at the Home Depot, for example, you will find more
    pick-up trucks, SUV's, etc. than at your - actually, I see them everywhere.

    But seriously, shopping for big items you can take with you and save on
    delivery is something I have been wanting.

    Last year, I had replaced every major appliance in my kitchen.

    If I had an SUV, I could have saved some time and expense.

    But when I think about other shopping, like my frequent trips to New York -
    oh how I would just LOVE to buy those items that I currently cannot consider
    without the expense of delivery.

    There are other reasons, such as the ability to sleep in the back when I'm
    too tired to drive, I just pull into a rest stop off the turnpike and take a

    But with gas mileage getting better as technology continues to improve, we
    will be seeing better designs.

    As for now, the overly hyped --- H U M M E R --- (had to stretch those
    letters) has gas mileage not worth bragging about.
    fish, Jan 4, 2007
  19. fish

    E Meyer Guest

    After I bought the '06 CR-V last year, I found that the mileage number
    reported by Consumer Reports from their tests turned out to be exactly what
    it gets (and has absolutely nothing in common with the EPA sticker). Based
    on that one data point, CR is probably the best bet to get an idea about
    real world mileage. Btw - the auto issue is always April.
    E Meyer, Jan 4, 2007
  20. fish

    SMS Guest

    The cover on the rear spare deteriorates and need replacement every two
    years or so. Also, it makes it a hassle to use hitch-mount bicycle
    racks, though I did find one that would work on the older CR-V. You can
    get a set of wheel locks that includes one for the spare, but it's still
    a pain. Don't use spare tire mount bicycle racks, as the rear door isn't
    strong enough.

    I'm so glad that Honda got rid of the damn side-opening door, and
    external spare.

    As to the alarm, I guess you could always go with an after-market alarm.

    I installed the Honda alarm on my CR-V and it was an easy installation
    (plug and play), but after a few years, something went wrong and it
    sometimes would take pushing the remote button fifty or a hundred times
    for the car to unlock. I've had good luck with the CrimeGuard alarms
    from Crutchfield. When I bought the vehicle, I had the dealer remove the
    piece of crap after-market alarm that they had installed, but I was
    pissed because there were still holes that they had drilled. I had them
    replace the trim around the speedometer and gauger, but there were other
    holes in the chassis. I'll never go back to that dealer again.
    SMS, Jan 5, 2007
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