Correction: Honda F1 not testing Danica, but would like to

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by sjmmail2000-247, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Yesterday we reported that Danica Patrick would test with the Honda F1 team at the end of the season. That report was a false start: Honda F1 CEO Nick Fry said there was no arrangement for Danica to test, and that she and the team have had no contact. However, Fry did say that if she wanted to test, they "would be more than happy to speak to her about it." The original source for the Danica-will-be-testing article was an Austrian newspaper interview with the same Nick Fry, which even included a ...
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    sjmmail2000-247, Jun 13, 2008

  2. Danica couldn't drive a mini-car in a Shriner's parade.
    Peaceful Bill, Jun 13, 2008
  3. sjmmail2000-247

    Kent Finnell Guest

    Really? How many Indy car races have you won? How many
    have you actually qualified for and were in contention for
    before some idiot took you out while you were exiting the
    pits? You tell her, and as she takes off her gloves and
    helmet, see how quickly you beg for mercy and look for a
    husky official to protect your cowardly ass?

    Danica, 100 lbs. of talent, fire, and fury.
    Kent Finnell, Jun 14, 2008
  4. Doesn't matter how many Indy races I've won, does it.

    She's a hack. The only reason she is competitive is the weight
    advantage she has. Other than that, she's a CIBFH.
    Peaceful Bill, Jun 15, 2008
  5. sjmmail2000-247

    Kent Finnell Guest

    Weight advantage? Not up on the rules, are you? They are
    handicapping the cars just like they do race horses. If the
    heaviest driver is 200 pounds, they add 100 lbs. to Danica's
    car (and how ever many pounds necessary to the other cars in
    the field).

    I have a question for you, Bill. How are Spanky, Alfalfa,
    and you getting along in the Woman Haters Club?
    Kent Finnell, Jun 15, 2008
  6. What an imbecile.

    You clearly don't have a clue about the rules. The car weight is
    measured without the driver. Its been a point of contention since she
    hit the series.

    That said, she's still a hack. Not up to Lynn St. James or Sarah. She
    just has a better team and better marketability. But not a better driver.
    Peaceful Bill, Jun 16, 2008
  7. sjmmail2000-247

    Kent Finnell Guest

    Now who would you be talking about, P. Bill, you or me?

    For the 2008 IndyCar season several rule changes have been
    introduced. The one to raise the most comment is the minimum
    weight required for IRL cars. (and the change gives Robby
    Gordon one less reason to Whine! - ed)

    The minimum weight has yet to be disclosed but the rule is
    intended to minimize the difference between the heaviest and
    lightest drivers, where the gap can be as much as 30 to

    The drivers will be broken into three groups, with the
    heaviest getting a weight reduction and the lightest getting
    a maximum of 16kg ballast.

    16 kg ~ 35 lbs
    30 kg ~ 66 lbs
    45 kg ~ 99 lbs

    The brief discussion doesn't say how much reduction would be
    allowed for the heaviest drivers, but I'd dare say that few
    if any of the current Indy drivers weigh in at the weights
    of the old NASCAR drivers like Junior Johnson and Tiny Lund
    (250 pounds and up). So say 185 pounds, less about 20
    pounds from the car, effective driver weight, 165 lbs.
    Danica's effective weight 135, or a delta of 30 pounds
    sitting on the grid. How long would it take to burn off
    that amount of fuel weight at race speeds?
    Who are you, Robby Gordon in disguise?

    Has Lynn or Sarah won an Indy car race? How highly have
    they qualified or placed over a similar time frame?Mind you, I'm not putting down Lynn, Sarah, or the two women
    who made the 2008 race.

    Did Danica bump you or your girlfriend from the race? You
    seem to have a hate on for the woman.
    Kent Finnell, Jun 17, 2008
  8. No, but I play one on TV.
    How many had a team like AG backing them?

    OK, so you're actually Danica. But your temper has settled down a lot
    from the screaming banshee you typically display.

    How totally wrong your are. How many races have you officiated?

    Danica is the Obama of racing. Only there because she's not a white
    guy. She is very short on talent. She would even have qualified for a
    race until the talent was so diluted by the open wheel split that the
    IRL would take anybody (even alcoholics) into their series.

    Lynn is a MUCH better DRIVER. She just never had a contract as a model.
    Peaceful Bill, Jun 18, 2008
  9. sjmmail2000-247

    Kent Finnell Guest

    Hardly, I'm male, about 3 times her age and almost twice her
    weight. Speaking of weight, I notice that you snipped out
    my notation of the rules changes about adding and
    subtracting weight for the lightest and heaviest drivers
    respectively. But I do appreciate the "banshee" reference
    since, like Danica, I claim Irish ancestory.
    Oh, you can ask that but I'm not allowed to ask how many
    races you've won or driven in. I'd dare say that your
    answer should be the same as mine ... none. I'm not a race
    driver nor do I play one on tv. I'm not a race official nor
    do I play one on tv. Your answers should probably be the
    So you're also a racist (just kidding, I don't like Obama
    either ... don't care much for McCain either). One of the
    other women there this year is also white (Sarah Fisher),
    the other Venezuelan (Milka Duno, Hispanic?). No blacks
    since Willie T. Ribbs (like I really believe that is his
    real birthname).

    Don't look now, but the split has been healed. Stupid
    internal politics, sometimes called cutting off your nose to
    spite your face. CART was a bad idea from the get go ...
    without the Indy 500, it had no anchor race, nothing with
    the prestige of Indy.
    Which came first, the driving contract or the modeling
    contract? Be sure of the sequence before you step into
    something smelly again.

    Lyn (correct spelling) is close to my age and still a good
    looking woman. She started her Indy career at age 45 and,
    like it or not, women that age don't get modeling contracts.
    It's highly unlikely we'll see a head to head match between
    she and Danica. Her best finish at Indy was 7th. Danica's
    was 4th.

    All the engines are Honda (IIRC), the chassis are pretty
    similar. The only real differences are the teams and the
    drivers. No bad drivers are going to make the field.
    Idiots like the one who took out Danica as they exited the
    pits, maybe, but no bad drivers.

    NASCAR drivers may drive up to their later 50s or early 60s,
    rarely Indy drivers. There was some talk last year about
    Danica going to NASCAR. I don't think it would work since
    the NASCAR autos are more than twice as heavy and handle
    entirely differently from Indy cars and F1s.
    Kent Finnell, Jun 18, 2008
  10. As opposed to everyone else who is only there because they *are* a
    white guy.
    Well then I hope she gets a ride. I don't think there are any rules
    against there being two women drivers in the race.

    Danica won a race. That is all you need to know regarding her
    qualifications for being on the track.
    Gordon McGrew, Jun 20, 2008
  11. sjmmail2000-247

    z Guest

    Now I have this bad mental picture of Max Mosley "testing" Danica.
    z, Jun 24, 2008
  12. I see Danica as doing the testing in that relationship. She would
    look good in khaki.
    Gordon McGrew, Jun 25, 2008
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