**Civic shakes and turns left** (over 120km/h or 75mph)

Discussion in 'Civic' started by Jason, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Jason

    Jason Guest

    I've just went for my major tune-up (maintenance) changing spark plugs,
    checking brakes and oil change. After getting back my car (Honda Civic
    hatchback 98) I noticed that the car while driving over the speed of 120km/h
    (or 75mph) I can feel the steering wheel shake and the car wanting to "turn"
    to the left... I'm thinking it could be just a alignment and everything
    should be fine?

    Also I was told that my front disc was almost finished and my break pads as
    well, anyone have any good ideas for me to save some cash? (Should I buy
    used, should I wait a little before changing?)

    Thanks for every response (I had great help for my "Check Engine" light in
    the Honda newsgroups!)

    Jason, Oct 15, 2004
  2. Jason

    E. Meyer Guest

    Did it shake before the tuneup? Did they rotate the tires? If it just
    started this shaking after the tuneup and the tires were not changed, the
    shake could be a misfire in the engine - which would mean they somehow
    botched the tuneup. How smoothly does it idle? How is the acceleration
    compared to before the tuneup?

    If they did rotate the tires, then the shake could be a tire out of balance,
    a tire failing or some suspension part has been damaged.

    Pulling to one side can be caused by a failing tire (which could also
    explain the shake), alignment, failing or damaged suspension component, or a
    sticking brake caliper. Take a close look at the front left tire for bulges
    or any variation in its shape - it could be in the process of coming apart.
    This could also explain your pull to the left, if the left caliper is
    sticking or the pad is completely gone. Do you hear a metallic scraping
    noise when you apply the brakes? The longer you wait, the more it will
    cost, as the pads grind up the rotor. Also would greatly reduce your
    ability to stop the car once the pads are completely gone.

    You do not want used brake parts, but you can save some money if you buy the
    rotors from someplace other than the Honda dealer.
    E. Meyer, Oct 15, 2004
  3. Jason

    Jason Guest

    My car never would shake at 75mph! They did rotate the tires... The idling
    is good but I've just noticed that the engine vibrates a little more than it
    used to before the tune up. The acceleration seems to be normal but it's
    definetely something with the tires... or the brake pads.

    I'll be doing an alignment tomorrow and if that doesn't fix the problem, I
    would bet the suspension would be the problem?

    I can't hear any scraping of the breaks but I do break often and I think I'm
    one of those "break-aholics"!! haha! I hope it I can wait a little before
    changing the breaks because I'm broke after these latest fixes I had to do!

    Thank you!

    Jason, Oct 16, 2004
  4. Jason

    Brian Smith Guest

    Maybe they rotated the tires from side to side instead of just front to
    back. I had my vehicle's tires rotated where this was done. And the
    vibration was very noticeable. putting the tires back on the original side
    of the car made everything alright again.



    Brian Smith, Oct 16, 2004
  5. Jason

    KWW Guest

    On the other hand, if you had a tire slightly out of balance (because of a
    chuckhole...slamming on the brakes... etc) but it was on the rear, you might
    not have noticed it. Now that it is on the front, however, it becomes
    noticable. It would be a good idea to have the tires spinbalanced...
    depending upon your source of tires, this may be a free service anyway.
    Also, be sure that they do not overtorque the lugnuts.
    KWW, Oct 16, 2004
  6. Jason

    E. Meyer Guest

    If they rotated the tires and it did not pull to one side before that, it is
    almost certainly a bad tire. Check the tire before you waste money on an
    E. Meyer, Oct 16, 2004
  7. Jason

    Eightupman Guest

    Not true....a misaligned car may not rear its ugly head until after the worn
    down tire is moved to the opposite side.
    For example, ,if you live in an are with crowned roads (for water drainage)
    any alignment guy worth his salt will put in a little toe to compensate for
    the naturan pull you would get while driving on said road. That tire will
    wear slightly different on that side. Over time, as the alignment wears
    away, the tire will wear more to compensate.

    Swap the tires and you will have it pull.

    Next topic...NEVER use used brake parts....you may save now, but will pay
    later in an accident if they fail.
    Eightupman, Oct 17, 2004
  8. Jason

    E. Meyer Guest

    An alignment guy worth his salt is not going to put anything into the
    alignment that's not supposed to be there, though I have run across a few
    who try to adjust things to compensate for roads or bad tires or whatever.
    It is always the wrong thing to do. Avoid these guy like the plague unless
    you like buying tires faster than you can pay for them.

    In this case, if I read the OP correctly, the car is suddenly pulling
    sharply to the left and it has also simultaneously grown a shake at speed.
    That argues for a tire in the process of tread separation. He may or may
    not need an alignment, but I would be really surprised if it fixes this
    problem. I still say check the tire first.
    E. Meyer, Oct 18, 2004
  9. Jason

    Jason Guest

    Thanks for the replies... I went for an alignment and the car isn't shaking
    anymore but tends to lean towards the left (a little) it isn't as noticeable
    as before. The guy at the garage told me to tell him next week if this is
    still the case and he'll switch the tires from front to back. As I'm going
    to get also my brake disc and pads changed... Oh, I just remembered, maybe
    I should have mentionned that I have Michelin Destiny tires. Anyway had any
    problems with these type of tires?

    Jason, Oct 18, 2004
  10. Jason

    test Guest

    It should just be the alignment. Is the car lowered at all? If it is how so?
    Go get the alignment checked, that should be your main problem.
    test, Oct 18, 2004
  11. Jason

    Brian Guest

    Toe doesn't cause a car to pull, only tire wear.
    Brian, Nov 3, 2004
  12. Jason

    Brian Guest

    Toe doesn't cause a car to pull, only tire wear.
    Brian, Nov 3, 2004
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