BYE BYE to Acura RL, Acura Legend globally and Civic in JP

Discussion in 'Civic' started by JLA, Jul 17, 2010.

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    From A

    Word coming from Japan's Nikkei business daily (as reported b
    Reuters) indicates that Honda has finally decided to discontinue th
    slow selling Acura RL and its Japanese market counterpart, the Hond

    Ostensibly the flagship of Acura's brand here in North America, the R
    has been a slow-seller for quite some time, upstaged in part by th
    company's less-expensive, higher-volume TL sedan. For some years now
    the TL has offered more space, similar tech and even more power (i
    the Type S model), making the RL a particularly tough sell fo
    dealers. Through the first half of this year, only 872 RLs have bee
    sold in the United States

    Another production change reported by the Nikke that would only affec
    the Japanese market is the discontinuation of conventional gasolin
    versions of the Civic. If accurate, that would mean that from no
    until at least until the next-generation Civic arrives in the Fall o
    2011, Honda will only sell the Civic hybrid in its home market

    In addition, the JDM Elysion minivan is also apparently set to get th
    JLA, Jul 17, 2010
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