Brake Booster on 1989 Honda Accord DX

Discussion in 'Accord' started by drblood21, May 17, 2004.

  1. drblood21

    drblood21 Guest

    my car has had recent problems turning off at stops, and it not having enough
    power to go past 30 mph at times. i got my carb rebuilt and fixed the problem
    of it not going past 30(im pretty sure it was a choke problem) but that was it.
    the car still turns off at stops at times. if i sense its going to turn off, i
    put it in neutral and rev it a little, then go in drive. one thing i noticed
    is, everytime i put my foot on the brake, whether it be in park or drive, the
    rpm will go down slightly. as a test, i put my emergency brake on and put the
    car in drive, and noticed no problems with it. however, when i hit the brake, i
    noticed the car was about to turn off. im guessing its probably the brake
    booster, but im not sure. what i want to know is, is the rpm supposed to go
    down when i hit the brake or not? and if it isn't supposed to go down and it is
    the brake booster causing this, is there anyway to make an adjustment to it? my
    brother(who knows more about cars than i do), said i shouyld just replace it
    but i wanna know if theres some kind of adjustment i can make to it because he
    nor i am too familiar with brake boosters.

    drblood21, May 17, 2004
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