Body Kit Advice

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by CarChick, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. CarChick

    CarChick Guest

    I'm looking for a body kit...need some advice though. I found this
    website that sells them for pretty cheap, but I want to make sure
    they're good...has anyone ordered anything from PaAutoracing before?
    Let me know, wanna check it out before I buy. Thanks!
    CarChick, Jul 20, 2005
  2. CarChick

    Jim Yanik Guest

    I see a lot of cars with body kits that are chipped,cracked,and torn
    up;fiberglas does not hold up well in this application.
    The original bumper covers are urethane;flexible and do not crack easily.
    Jim Yanik, Jul 20, 2005
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