Big Shaking/Vibration/Hesitation Problems (2003 Pilot). What do you guys suppose is causing this?

Discussion in 'Pilot' started by Steve Lee, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Steve Lee

    Steve Lee Guest

    I'm able to duplicate it everytime when the car's travelling at 80KM/H
    and 90KM/H (50MPH and 56MPH) AND with the RPM below 2K mark, most
    notably at around 1700. Basically, I have the gas depressed just
    slightly to maintain the speed in that range.

    And also at slower speeds, at around the 60KM/H (37MPH) and also at
    40KM/H (25MPH) mark, again as the car's coasting with the gas pedal
    slightly pressed and the RPM being right around 1700RPM, similar
    behavior can be expericned.

    However, at those lower speeds, the car will lurch a little bit. It's
    not a violent lurch that'll make your head jar back and forth, but
    it's more like a hesitation or a stutter.

    Can tire problems make the car hesitate and lurch like that?

    Anyway, I went for a ride with a service technician, with him driving
    and he was able to duplicate the vibrations without any problems. At
    first he thought it could be the tires, but after several minutes and
    vibrations, he wasn't so sure anymore.

    He shifted down to D3 and tried it again and it was the same. As
    well, he mentioned that the steering wheel wasn't moving as much as on
    the cars with tires attributable to the vibration problems.

    When we came back, he suggested to book an appointment so he can have
    the car for the whole day. I'll be taking my Pilot in this coming

    He also said to maintain the speed and the vibration when it comes on
    and not take my foot of the gas to see if I can force a code to
    appear. He said if the Check Engine or the VTM-4 light comes on I
    should bring it to the dealer right away to get the code.

    Jesus, how ironic is that? I gotta drive this car like shit to have
    it fixed.

    At this point, he really doesn't know what it is. Could be the EGR
    valves, but then the lights would've came on already if it was that.
    Doesn't know if it's the transmission and hasn't entirely ruled out
    the tires yet.

    Over the weekend, I took my Pilot on the highway and just like I was
    suggested to do, I put the car on cruise once the vibration/shaking
    came on. I drove like that for close to 45 minutes, but no code. I'm
    just waiting for Friday to come.

    If this problem can be resolved in due time, then it'll be fine, but
    if not and I end up just living with it, then I don't think I'll ever
    buy another Honda again. And I wouldn't be saying this if this was the
    only problem I've had to deal with. The list keeps on growing....

    Any guesses as to what could be causing this?
    Steve Lee, Feb 24, 2004
  2. Lying SOB. You don't own a Honda. You probably own an Isuzu.

    How to turn off 'Maintenance Required" light:

    1. Hold trip/reset button on dash
    2. Turn key to "ON" or start engine
    3. Hold button til light goes out
    He Hate Retards, Feb 24, 2004
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