Beware of Metro Honda RI!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Al Andre, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Al Andre

    Al Andre Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I went to my dealer, Metro Honda in Rhode Island, and I can tell you that it
    has been one problem after another. From loosing my appointment to being
    discourteous, to causing problems and then not being able to undo what they
    caused. They actually argue with me when I am right at times.

    I went there Monday to have my oil changed and check my heater because it
    was making a funny noise. This is a 2002 Civic EX, and it is under warranty,
    but they told me I may need some heater box part, and I could have it put
    in. Then they decided that they were going to put some "lubricant" in the
    heater "pins" without asking me. Now the car smells like someone spilled
    turpentine and shoe polish inside the car. and it happens when the heater or
    AC is used. I have Asthma and I am developing pleurisy over this problem.
    Today will be me third attempt to try to get this resolved. I think the
    problem is that the smell was absorbed into the pollen filters, but they
    seem to not want to change those. The first time they said it was
    deodorized. The second time they said they cleaned and deodorized the
    heater. Lets see what this time brings. Winter is coming and I cannot keep
    the windows open when I use the heater! Granted I am trading the car in May,
    but I can say without a doubt, they have lost a customer, and I am going to
    tell everyone I know about this experience and to stay away. I will bought 2
    cars from there and my brother bought two, and now we are both going to
    another dealer for our next cars.

    Hope this will prevent some bad experiences in case you happen to live in

    Al Andre, Nov 4, 2004
  2. Al Andre

    jack Guest

    I agree. They totally suck. Michael Grieco is a little bitch. They can't
    keep anyone over there in sales because they are too cheap to pay them.
    The sales manager position is a revolving door.

    It's too bad you had an awful experience, because the Brett, one of the
    service managers, is a great guy.

    I buy over at Majestic. Most of the management team has been there for
    10-15 years.
    jack, Nov 4, 2004
  3. Al Andre

    Al Andre Guest

    I am back...They corrected the problem on the third attempt. They replaced a
    heater box and filters and I am thinking the complete job cost around
    2000.00 with the part, labor, filters and the fact that I was given a rental
    car during that time. They absorbed the full cost. I am glad the problem was
    fixed and I didn't have to report them to the better business bureau or file
    a law suit, but I am not going back there for any new cars at all.
    Al Andre, Nov 10, 2004
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