Beware Honda Thiefs~

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by HondaGurlll, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. HondaGurlll

    HondaGurlll Guest

    Hi my name is AsiaAnne and I live in the great Las Vegas Nevada area. We have
    the highest rate in the state for stolen Honda's and they are usually the
    1999 and younger Honda Accords which I have a 1997. I LOVE my car~I have deep
    tinted windows~a bomb azz stereo systems~18' chrome rims with the expensive
    low profile perellis but now since I've done all this work I see th people
    just staring like "dayum" I want that~NOW~~~ I have bought the Viper alarm
    system,the "club" for the steering wheel and also the new steering coluum
    lock that is suppose to prevent people from stealing the car~I want to get a
    "Low Jack" system on it but dayum that costs a lot of money so what do you
    think? I say to myself "If they steal the car after all that shyt is on there
    they deserve it"~I would feel so violated if someone stole her not to mention
    I would feel like a total idiot~Any suggestions? Thanx alot :) ~AsiaAnne
    HondaGurlll, Jun 2, 2006
  2. HondaGurlll

    Remco Guest

    I don't think you'll stop a professional thief, regardless of what you
    add to your car. You're really just trying to stop the casual crack
    head, joyrider or someone looking for parts to swap into his car.
    Advertise the fact that you have an alarm. Put blinky LEDs in
    conspicuous places so they'll move to the next car.
    For instance, quite a few off the shelf alarm systems will disarm when
    you disconnect them so all a thief has to do is open the door (not
    caring about whether the alarm has been set off or not), open the hood,
    disconnect the battery terminals, cut the horn, wait a second or two
    and reconnect them. Most likely he'll be able to start your car after
    that or at least find your alarm box and hotwire it.

    If you are really worried, perhaps wire a simple hidden switch in
    series with the power to your fuel pump - when off, the car will start
    once and stall after less than a minute or so. Hide the switch
    someplace a thief would not be looking for it (like in the trunk). When
    you're going through your daily routine, leave the switch on - just
    rely on your regular alarm system. When you park your car overnight or
    someplace you are really worried about, turn the switch off.

    Remco, Jun 2, 2006
  3. HondaGurlll

    rick++ Guest

    Its annoying on my insurance bill. If I select similar none Honda
    model, it might be 10-15% cheaper.
    In my state and generally in the USA Accords and Civics
    both have the highest total and highest percent.
    I'm guessing there much be good resale market for both
    whole cars and parts. Souped up civics have been the
    choice cars for informal street racing for some time.

    When my 1990 Civic got long in the tooth, I noticed my key
    opened other similar cars. Once in the while I'd accidently
    go to nearby civic of the same shape, color and condition
    and accidently enter it, just like that Southwest Airlines TV
    commercial about mistaken cars. I'm guess whne the keys
    and cylinders wear down enough they must become skeleton
    keys. Or Honda sold very few key types.

    Also the triple-AAA locksmith was able to jiggle open the lock
    in less than a minute when I locked my keys inside.
    rick++, Jun 2, 2006
  4. HondaGurlll

    Remco Guest

    You don't need a locksmith to get into most cars: visit a fleamarket
    and buy a flatjack at one of the tool stands - this is basically a flat
    piece springy steel with a hook on the end. It slips in between the
    window and the rubber.
    Practice on the cars you own and you'll be able to open up pretty much
    any car in less than a minute.
    Remco, Jun 2, 2006
  5. HondaGurlll

    Jim Yanik Guest

    I understand that the windows are a weak point for entry into your car,then
    they tear apart the steering column to pop the ignition lock cylinder.It
    happened to a neighbor of mine,and then they tried to steal my Integra.
    My alarm alerted me and I went out there (armed) and chased them off.

    IMO,getting a locking steering column collar will ward off most thieves.
    I have not found one specifically for Honda/Acura,only for Toyotas.
    Jim Yanik, Jun 2, 2006
  6. HondaGurlll

    Jim Yanik Guest

    I read in the paper recently about auto thefts being done with ground-down
    keys.They grind them very thin.

    Then there's "slimjims".
    Jim Yanik, Jun 2, 2006
  7. HondaGurlll

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Also called "slimjim".
    I watched a locksmith use one,along with a thin wood wedge to hold the
    window away from the door to keep from damaging the window or rubber trim.

    Of course,having one in your car is "possession of burglary tools" unless
    you are a locksmith or repo man.
    Jim Yanik, Jun 2, 2006
  8. HondaGurlll

    Remco Guest

    Possession could be an offense - not sure what the law is here on that.
    It would be a little silly, because any wire clothes hanger could be
    used as a car jacking tool as well.

    I have one in my toolkit to help stranded people out. Thus far I've
    used it 6 times in three years. (actually got it after my daughter
    locked herself out and had to try to break in with clothes hangers).
    Remco, Jun 2, 2006
  9. HondaGurlll

    Brian Smith Guest

    Move to a better location? {;^)
    Brian Smith, Jun 2, 2006
  10. HondaGurlll

    Jim Yanik Guest

    A wire clothes hanger is not specifically a tool for opening locked car
    Yes,and the owner was present when you were using the tool to open her car.
    Jim Yanik, Jun 3, 2006
  11. HondaGurlll

    Jim Yanik Guest

    To add more;the thieves pry out the window at the top where it slides into
    a plastic clip,then use something to open the door lock.Coat hanger?
    Using a big screwdriver or a dent puller.
    Either way,the lock is now trashed.
    But they failed,then stole his stereo,
    the 2 thieves didn't move away from my car when I approached,-until I drew
    the gun!
    Thieves are getting pretty bold.
    I may have to build one myself,as I may not always be around to respond to
    my alarm.
    If you cannot respond to your alarm,then it's essentially worthless,as no
    one else will respond,and it takes TIME for police to arrive after being
    Jim Yanik, Jun 3, 2006
  12. HondaGurlll

    Burt Guest

    Essentially, yes. But some of the thieves now do not destroy the
    ignition lock at all. It's simply magic. -- I don't know and don't
    want to know how it's done without keys.
    This is a good deterrent but inefficient. Will you be using
    a 10 gauge steel? How are going to cut weld and bend
    steel? What will make it freon proof?
    Burt, Jun 3, 2006
  13. HondaGurlll

    Remco Guest

    I am not disagreeing with you whether it is or should be an offense.

    Just understand that my reason for having one in my toolkit is not for
    the purpose of stealing cars. :)
    Was simply illustrating that anyone can open up any car without any
    training - security isn't but what else is new?

    Remco, Jun 3, 2006
  14. HondaGurlll

    Burt Guest

    The classic tool they used to defeat the club, which is sold at every home center,
    is the same tool used to defeat the 16 gauge steel steering column lock. The
    Lojack is false security.

    Essentially, you went thru all the trouble but other simple solutions would work much
    better an you won't have to even put them on when you leave the car. Practically,
    your paranoia has stopped you from gracefully living your life.

    One more thing, it's already been widespread that the Viper can be defeated in a
    few seconds. The Viper alarm is a very weak contender, unless I install it against
    Viper's regulations, which they WON'T allow it.
    Burt, Jun 4, 2006
  15. So basically either way I look at it if a thief wants my car it's thiers?
    Which is cool like I sais I have almost everything a fukin Honda could get to
    make them think twice but I know a crack head is a crack head and an alarm
    will not stop them. I pay way too much for the car note alone to really care
    to much if they steal it(462.01) and thats NOT including my insurance so if
    they did steal it maybe I could save up and get a new Honda :) Thanx for all
    the responds guys~I still love my Honda :) :) :) Asia
    HondaGurlll via, Jun 4, 2006
  16. HondaGurlll

    Jim Yanik Guest

    It's not "crackheads" who steal autos.
    Maybe they might do a smash-n-grab of some easily removed item,but not the
    whole auto.
    The ones who take whole autos or major components are other auto
    enthusiasts unwilling to do an honest day's work and PAY for their stuff..
    Except you will not get the entire value of your working auto,nor for what
    upgrades you installed aftermarket.
    You'll get book value on an original 199X Civic,minus your deductible.
    You probably will not be able to pay off your loan with the proceeds.
    Jim Yanik, Jun 5, 2006
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