being too cheap and changing the way you think

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by jim, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. jim

    jim Guest

    couple of months back i was replacing a gate.. cedar 1 by 6 in. 6 ft
    tall. i had some hardware on there that was about 30 yrs. old. it was
    good quality stuff but the rust kinda messed up the threads on the
    bolts and nuts.. i got out the taps and dies and told my wife that it
    was goona be a bitch to get all this rust off... she then said.. how old
    is the stuff: about 30 yrs.. she then said: well how many times do you
    think you gonna have to do this again??? i realized that for the time
    and energy that i was gonna put into this job that i could have just as
    easily walked to the hardware store and for a few bucks got new stuff,
    which i did.... i just have it in my mind that something needs fixing
    and i can do it, so why buy new if the old stuff still works.........
    kinda hard to get off of this way of thinking......
    kinda like the time a ceiling fan switch lost its chain pull... i
    figured i would get a new switch... went to three local hardware stores
    and none thad them... i then drilled out the rivets to take the switch
    apart.. then had to make some screws long enough to put the switch back
    together..... took a long time do do with the screws(finally used the
    shafts of the rivets that i put in the die to put on some threads.....
    took all this time and one day out at home depot find a wall of these
    switches for fans for about $3.00 each.... kinda made me feel bad
    after messing with the old switch.... is anyone out there feels like
    this???? sometimes does too much to fix junk that it only seems right to
    jim, Feb 14, 2004
  2. Well I am not exactly sure where you are coming from but as far as opinions
    on repairing or replacing things I have found the that it is inevitable
    (hope I spelled that correctly) that the older the person the more they
    think they can just repair things cheaper and with less hassle than going
    out and purchasing a new product that is better and cheaper. Usually it is
    also faster to replace than repair.

    Most of the time, depending on the product of course, it simply isn't safe
    or in anyone's best interest to repair items. For example repairing wheel
    cylinders or repairing master cylinders or calipers. It is safer and more
    cost effective to simply replace the item.

    Or try to get an old person to replace a broken VCR or TV. Chances are they
    think they can repair it cheaper. Shop rates on VCR repair are probably $40
    on up a hour with a minimum charge of an hour. Hell I can get a new and
    almost guaranteed better VCR for about $50.

    CaptainKrunch, Feb 14, 2004
  3. no man i'm sorry
    you're just too cheap
    don't try to look for justification of this behaviour, instead try to put
    energy into finding a treatment
    Yuri Nebogatov, Feb 14, 2004
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