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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by John Horner, Jul 15, 2006.

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    From a recent Los Angeles TV station news segment:
    John Horner, Jul 15, 2006
  2. John Horner

    ExtremeValue Guest

    My friend once told me that Jiffy Lube use used oil when you do an an
    oil change there. Now I guess my fired was right.

    *Your link needs Internet Explorer to open (it didn't work with my
    ExtremeValue, Jul 15, 2006
  3. John Horner

    ExtremeValue Guest

    sorry for the typo. 'fired' should be read as 'friend'.. (perhaps I was
    excited to watch the video)
    ExtremeValue, Jul 15, 2006
  4. John Horner

    John Horner Guest

    Odd, I use Firefox myself and the link works ok for me. Maybe there is
    an update, plugin or configuration difference on your machine.

    John Horner, Jul 15, 2006
  5. John Horner

    Eric Guest

    Here's the complete story from


    NBC 4 * Video: Is Your Mechanic Cheating?

    Is Your Mechanic Cheating? Part 1
    By Joel Grover and Matt Goldberg

    POSTED: 7:57 am PDT April 21, 2006
    LOS ANGELES -- Imagine going to get your car repaired, paying for it, and
    then finding out the work was never even done. With the help of insiders,
    NBC4 uncovered an apparent scheme at stores that are part of a nationwide
    chain with 30 million customers a year.

    NBC4 shelled out a lot of cash at repair shops across town. But were the
    repairs paid for really done?

    "Does this happen to customers a lot?" NBC4's Joel Grover asked a former
    employee of America's biggest Lube and tune chain, Jiffy Lube. "Every day,"
    the insider replied.

    To conduct the investigation, NBC4 wired two test cars with hidden cameras
    in places mechanics wouldn't find. Then, NBC4 drove one of the cars to an
    Encino Jiffy Lube, to get an oil change.

    A service advisor named Leo recommends repairs, like changing the fuel
    filter. "Fuel filter, every 48 months or 60,000 miles," Leo tells an NBC4
    undercover producer.

    NBC4 pays $240 and asks the technician what they did. "Oil change, air
    filter, fuel filter," the technician tells the undercover producer.

    But they didn't change the fuel filter. NBC4 knows that, because before
    taking the car in, they lowered the gas tank, and marked the fuel filter
    with a big "four." After leaving that Encino Jiffy Lube, NBC4 checked the
    fuel filter, and the original one with the "four" was still on the car.

    "It's so easy to get away with, so why go through the trouble of doing it,"
    a former Jiffy Lube employee tells NBC4.

    When NBC4 took their test car to a Jiffy Lube in Canoga Park, a manager
    named Anthony recommends a top of the line transmission flush.

    "How does that work?" NBC4's undercover producer asked. "We do it with the
    machine," the technician replies. A machine called T-Tech, which they're
    supposed to hook up to the transmission lines under the car, to suck out all
    the dirty fluid.

    But the entire time NBC4's test car was being serviced, no one ever touched
    that machine, and NBC4's hidden camera shows no one ever touched the
    transmission lines underneath. They charged NBC4 for the T-Tech service

    It happened again at Jiffy Lube locations in Glendale, Sherman Oaks and
    Burbank. NBC4 got stiffed at five out of nine Jiffy Lube locations, and no
    one would explain why.

    When NBC4's Joel Grover asked Leo at the Encino store why he charged them
    for a fuel filter and never put it in, Leo replied, "I don't remember."
    After Grover showed him the undercover tape he did remember.

    "How do you explain this?" Grover asked Leo. "I don't know, to be honest,"
    he replied.

    "Were you trying to make an easy buck off us?" Grover asked.

    While Grover was there, Leo called his district manager. "Channel four is
    right here. They caught us on camera. They didn't change a fuel filter on a
    Jeep," Leo told his district manager on the phone.

    Grover went to Canoga Park to talk to Anthony and asked, "You charged us for
    a transmission service that you never did. Why?" "You can talk to my
    district manager," Anthony replied.

    So NBC4 tracked down the district manager, Steven Ayoub at a Glendale store.

    "Are you Steve Ayoub?" Grover Asked. "No I'm not," he replied. "Are you the
    district manager?" Grover asked. "No I'm not. I have a vehicle here," he

    He denied his identity and told NBC4 he was a customer.

    "Which one is your car?" Grover asked. "That one," Ayoub replied. The red
    one?" Grover asked. "Correct," Ayoub replied.

    But that red car belonged to another customer.

    "That's your red Camaro back there?" Grover asked another customer. "Yeah.
    What's going on with it," the customer replied.

    The district manager was lying to NBC4.

    "I think you're the district manager," Grover said to Ayoub. "I'd like for
    you to turn off the camera and I'd appreciate it," Ayoub replied.

    The Jiffy Lube corporation also wouldn't speak with NBC4 on camera, but in a
    statement said:

    "Jiffy Lube International and its franchisee Heartland Automotive Services
    take KNBC's allegations seriously. Pursuant to its franchise agreement,
    Heartland Automotive Services will investigate this matter fully and take
    appropriate actions, as necessary, to prevent further occurrences.
    Additionally, Heartland Automotive Services will implement a mystery-shopper
    program to ensure all of its customers receive the quality car care they

    Jiffy Lube International
    "Heartland Automotive Services"

    Tips from NBC4's insider to avoid being schemed:

    # Stay near (but not in) the service bay and watch your car while the
    technician works on it. You can question the technician to make sure he's
    doing all repairs you agreed to.
    # If the shop is replacing parts, ask for all your old parts back.

    To consumers: If you've had problems or experiences with Jiffy Lube stores,
    you can contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office's Consumer
    Protection Division by e-mail at .


    Is Your Mechanic Cheating? Part 2
    By Joel Grover and Matt Goldberg

    POSTED: 4:18 pm PDT May 3, 2006
    UPDATED: 1:22 pm PDT June 30, 2006
    LOS ANGELES -- More of NBC4's undercover investigation exposing how you
    could be paying for car repairs that are never even done. NBC4 investigator
    Joel Grover found it happening at one of the nation's largest repair chains.
    It's a chain he's exposed before.

    This is the third time in three years that NBC4 went undercover inside Jiffy
    Lube. After each investigation, Jiffy Lube has promised to clean up its act.
    But now, NBC4's hidden cameras reveal there are still big problems at some
    LA area stores.

    NBC4 drilled holes in the underside of two test cars, so they could hide
    tiny cameras and watch Jiffy Lube technicians at work. What they found is
    the technicians don't always do the repairs they charged for.

    "In my opinion they're committing a crime. They're selling you something
    knowing they're not going to change it," says a former Jiffy Lube employee.

    At a Jiffy Lube in Glendale, they sell an undercover NBC4 producer a hundred
    dollar transmission flush. "There's a special device which we put into the
    transmission. It sucks all the fluid out," the technician tells the
    undercover NBC4 producer.

    But that device just sat in the corner and NBC4's cameras show it was never
    hooked up to the transmission lines as promised. They still charged $240 for
    the work.

    Three years ago, Jiffy Lube's spokesperson told NBC4, "This is wrong and it
    needs addressed." That after NBC4 caught employees selling unnecessary
    repairs, a violation of company policy. Jiffy Lube promised to conduct
    additional training to prevent more violations of their policies.

    But a former Jiffy Lube employee tells NBC4, "The training is a joke." The
    insider says part of that training was how to spot an NBC4 undercover
    customer. "Instead of telling us not to do these things, they're telling us
    how to avoid not getting caught doing it," the insider tells NBC4.

    But NBC4 caught them just last month at a Jiffy Lube in Encino. Before
    taking a test car there, NBC4 marked the oil filter with a happy face. A
    technician there told an undercover NBC4 producer they were going to change
    the fuel filter and oil filter. But NBC4 cameras capture a technician
    bringing over a new oil filter, Setting it down on the car, and then take it
    away without putting it in. After NBC4's visit, the old filter with the
    happy face was still there.

    "The problem comes from the top," says a former jiffy Lube employee. NBC4's
    insider says management, like the district manager Steven Ayoub, push
    employees to meet internal quotas to sell at least $66 of services per car.
    These targets are known as budgets.

    "If you don't meet the budgets, you're not going to get your bonus. Your job
    is on the line," the insider tells NBC4. He also tells NBC4 the only way
    they can meet their quotas is to sell as many services as possible. "They
    don't have the time to perform each and every single service they sell," The
    insider says.

    Which could be why Jiffy Lube employees NBC4 caught undercover wouldn't talk
    on camera. Even the district manager tried to duck NBC4's questions by
    pretending to be someone else.

    "You're not Steven Ayoub?" NBC4's Joel Grover asked. "No," Ayoub replied. "I
    think you're Steven Ayoub, the district manager," Grover said. "I'm not
    Steven Ayoub and I'm not a district manager," Ayoub replied. "Can I see some
    ID?" Grover asked. "No," Ayoub replied.

    Jiffy Lube and its franchisee, the Heartland Corporation, wouldn't speak
    with NBC4 on camera. But in a statement they said:

    Heartland Automotive confirmed that KNBC's identification of the district
    manager is correct. Like many retailers, Heartland Automotive offers a
    manager incentive program. Bonuses are discretionary and based on customer
    satisfaction survey scores, customer volume and sales.

    NBC4 received a check from those Jiffy Lube stores refunding the money they
    paid for the repairs that were never done.

    To consumers: If you've had problems or experiences with Jiffy Lube stores,
    you can contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office's Consumer
    Protection Division by e-mail at .


    NBC 4 *Jiffy Lube Reacts To 'Is Your Mechanic Cheating?'*

    Jiffy Lube Reacts To Hidden Camera Report

    POSTED: 6:49 am PDT May 24, 2006
    UPDATED: 3:53 pm PDT May 25, 2006
    LOS ANGELES -- Earlier this month, NBC4's Joel Grover reported the findings
    of his hidden-camera investigation in a two-part series, "Is Your Mechanic

    Now the company that was the subject of the investigation, Jiffy Lube, is
    making sweeping changes in response to the report.

    Following is a transcript of Grover's follow-up report.

    JOEL GROVER: It was just three weeks ago that we uncovered a scheme at local
    Jiffy Lube stores where customers were charged for repairs that were never

    Now, in an email, Jiffy Lube tells me that it's taking "agressive" steps to
    stop the fraud we uncovered.

    A Burbank Jiffy Lube was closed to customers Tuesday and Wednesday because
    the company was retraining all its employees. Four other Los Angeles area
    stores were also closed -- all stores that we caught on tape charging for
    services, like a transmission flush, that were never done.

    After our investigation, dozens of customers ... (emailed to say they)
    wondered if the same thing had happened to them.

    TO ease those concerns, Jiffy Lube says it's installing video cameras in 31
    Los Angeles area stores so customers can make sure repairs are really
    getting done.

    Jiffy Lube has also terminated six employees we caught on tape, including
    one employee at the Encino store who sold us a new fuel filter but later
    admitted to the district manager that the work was not done.

    Also gone is the district manager, Steven Ayoub, who denied his identity
    when I tried to question him.

    This is now the third time in three years that Jiffy Lube told us it was
    cleaning up its act.

    With these latest changes, Jiffy Lube hopes customers like Dore Rodine will
    give it one more chance.

    (Addressing Rodine) Are these steps enough to get you back as a customer?

    RODINE: That's difficult to say, joel. I'm really not sure.

    GROVER: You might wonder why someone from Jiffy Lube didn't appear in this
    report. The company still won't sti down and talk with us about our
    investigation or the steps they are taking to clean up.

    To consumers: If you've had problems or experiences with Jiffy Lube stores,
    you can contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office's Consumer
    Protection Division by e-mail at .
    Eric, Jul 16, 2006
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