Anyone driven the new Jazz?

Discussion in 'Jazz' started by Jim, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    My girlfriend is thinking of purchasing the new Honda Jazz. In Australia,
    we have 3 variants, the GLi (61kw engine), VTi (81Kw motor) and VTi-S (same
    as the VTi but with skirting, alloys and fog lamps).

    Has anyone driven a VTi with the CVT? What are you thoughts? Are there any
    mechanical faults with the car?
    Jim, Jul 22, 2003
  2. Jim

    PandA Guest

    I have taken one for a test drive.

    The auto on the Vti-S seemed sluggish however the 6 (or 7) speed sheering
    wheel shift control was quite nice.

    The GLi manual seemed to have a bit more get up and go. I didn't test the
    VTi manual (as the dealer didn't have a demo for it) but I would imagine
    that it would fly.

    The suspension seemed a bit too rigid but is probably par for the course in
    a small car.

    Front leg room was better than a civic (and not too much worse than my 89
    accord I might add)

    The "magic" seats are a good idea, but luggage room is measly if you need to
    keep the back seats up.

    It seems like a well put together little car, but for the price there are
    just too many larger competitors (Mazda 323 Shades, Nissan Pulsar, Toyota
    Corolla, Ford Focus etc)

    I haven't driven any of these others but they probably give more room and
    bang for your buck. But the Honda certainly does appeal if space isn't the
    PandA, Jul 22, 2003
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