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Discussion in 'Accord' started by, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Hi
    Recently bought a 2005 Accord Euro - Australian compliance.
    Had it less than a month and have notice a couple of things that I would
    like some clarification on:
    1. A vibration occurs in the drivers side a/c vent. It is not persistent,
    but seems to happen generally when taking the foot off the accelerator.
    2. I purchased the car with after factory tinting. There is something near
    the door latch that is scratching the tint/glass (on the inside). The
    passenger side window has a "mark" that goes the height of the window,
    almost dead straight. The drivers side window is actually "scratched" (well
    I think the tinting anyway). There are about three scratches about 1-2" in
    length. Two of the scratches are about 2" apart. The other one slightly
    below one of the others.
    3. I have never driven a Honda or a VTEC car for that fact before this car.
    I have noticed that when maintaining speed, the car accelerates a little
    almost like it is on cruise control. Is this normal? (6 speed manual).
    Any help on these would be appreciated.
, Apr 28, 2005
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