Accord Euro ( Australia ) - what octane fuel

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Peter Jenkins, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. I am taking delivery of a new Accord Euro ( in Australia ) on July 13. The
    brochures say Premium Unleaded ( PULP) fuel should be used. I cannot get a
    consistent answer from Honda dealers as to whether 95 or 98 octane PULP fuel
    should be used. My specific question is - have any tests been done to
    definitively establish whether 98 octane gives better performance and/or
    fuel economy than 95 octane. Does anyone have personal experience using the
    two fuels that they can share ?

    Peter Jenkins, Jun 25, 2005
  2. Peter Jenkins

    jim beam Guest

    honda's run on the cheap stuff unless you have one of the "r" spec vehicles.

    regarding performance, if you check out oil company web sites and drill
    down deep enough, you'll find that higher octanes do have a [slightly]
    higher calorific value. this means that you should get [slightly]
    better performance out of a higher octane gas. but the same web sites
    [correctly] go to great length to emphasize that octane numbers are
    about knock resistance, not performance, and will also say there is no
    discernible difference.

    my view is that it's only worth bothering with higher octane if your
    engine has a knock sensor. if it does, the ecu can advance timing to
    take advantage of the higher octane's burn characteristics. if it
    doesn't have a knock sensor, stick to the octane it says in the owners
    manual. and even then, examine the economics. even if the lower octane
    does yield slightly less energy, i'll bet the percentage difference is
    less than the cost differentail for the higher grade.

    i'd also say that it depends on the car. hondas are very gas quality
    agnostic. a french car i had in europe was /very/ gas sensitive.
    ridiculously so in fact. again, this points to using the cheaper stuff
    in the honda.
    jim beam, Jun 25, 2005
  3. Would that by any chance have been a Renault? My mother had a 1970 R-10 that
    would surge if regular grade gas was used. No pinging, just a constant surge
    at low throttle settings.

    Michael Pardee, Jun 25, 2005
  4. Peter Jenkins

    jim beam Guest

    no, it was a simca 1100 "special". bizarre vehicle. ugly as they come,
    but afaik, the first fwd to use the now ubiquitous trans-axle
    configuration. up to that time, fwd's were either longitudinal
    engine/transmission or transverse engine with transmission dog-legged
    back underneath. the first took up too much room. the second was
    unreliable. had a number of other "firsts" too.

    great car. went like a rocket. always sounded awful like it was about
    to throw its cam, but it stuck to the road like glue and would shame the
    kids in their new golf gti's. had a porsche-type synchro too. very
    interesting ride.
    jim beam, Jun 25, 2005
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