Accord 99 100K miles dies while driving - DANGEROUS

Discussion in 'Accord' started by rajate.mathur, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Hi,I have a 1999 Accord (4cyl Automatic 100K miles) which seems to be
    having strange problem(s).

    1) early this year the problem was that the car failed to restart
    whenever I stopped the car for 1 min or 2. If I allowed it to cool
    (popped the hood), 7-8 mins, it would just start up fine

    2) In summers this year additional problem started which was that if
    the car was really hot due to being left in hot sun (inside temp
    around 100deg) it would not start. If I allowed it to cool done by
    opening all doors, windows etc for 15-20 mins, it would just start up

    3) Soon after one more problem started which is really scary and it is
    that the car just DIES while driving. So far I have been lucky that I
    was not on highway, but this is too dangerous. The engine simply dies
    while driving and all the light indicators that are on the dashboard
    turn on (like they do normally when you turn the key to ignition but
    not start the car). Again if I leave the car for 7-8 mins and try to
    restart again it starts up fine.

    I have already got the distributor changed 2 months back when my
    mechanic was able to reproduce the problem (after trying to heat it up
    by running it for 2 hrs and starting and stopping it numerous times)
    and found that the spark was missing.
    But the problem came back again.

    Problem 1 and 2 have not occured since the tempratures have gone down,
    as prob 1 &2 occur when the car/engine is hot.
    However problem 3 which is the biggest and very dangerous problem is
    I have tried various forums and mechanics and no one has been able to
    get to the root cause. I am hoping experts here would know better.
    Mechanics say that I need to reproduce the problem for them to be able
    to detect the problem, and I have tried many time for hours, but the
    problem does not happen when I want it to.

    Please help!
    rajate.mathur, Sep 30, 2008
  2. rajate.mathur

    Elle Guest

    For (1) and (2), see discussion of the main relay at
    The fix is cheap.

    For (3), I would start with

    These are well known Honda problems here.
    Elle, Sep 30, 2008
  3. rajate.mathur

    Tegger Guest

    wrote in

    Most likely the PGM-FI Main Relay, as Elle has already pointed out.

    If the dash lights come on when the car dies, the ignition switch is
    unlikely to be the problem. However, your car falls under TSB 02-031, which
    is the infamous '97-'99 ignition switch safety recall. Check the VIN number
    stamping on the firewall. Is there a punch mark above the 8th character? If
    so, then the recall repair has already been performed. If not, go get it
    done. Free to you at your local Honda dealer.

    The problem is more likely to be an aftermarket distributor failing,
    probably through a failed igniter or coil. Aftermarket sucks and is
    /highly/ unreliable.

    Are there any error codes stored in the engine's computer? Your garage
    ***MUST*** check for those. DTCs pont to the problem.
    Tegger, Oct 1, 2008
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