accord 1990 - 4 questions (cutting keys, timing belt, injector cleaner, rear well rust)

Discussion in 'Accord' started by vcciubot, May 4, 2007.

  1. vcciubot

    vcciubot Guest

    Hi all,

    As the message subject says I need your help to answer the following:

    I was told not to cut keys for the car at Canadian Tire. I went to the
    honda dealer and they cut some keys for me for free. However, they
    don't seem the exact match. They won't open the trunk. And they didn't
    use my original key, they cut them based on my vin number.

    After hearing about honda timing belt failures, are there preventive
    ways to tell when the belt should be replaced? I bought the car a year
    ago, with no previous history. It has 256,000km on it.

    People recommend using chevron techron as one of the best injector
    cleaners. Can this be procured in Canada?

    Is por-15 used by shops in canada? I have some rear well rust as well
    know for this model/year. Before doing it with my friends, I wouldn't
    mind knowing whether shops in ontario use it, or what's the de facto

    thanks in advance,
    vcciubot, May 4, 2007
  2. vcciubot

    Tegger Guest

    Did they cut them on a valet blank? Valet keys are thicker than regular
    keys and will enter neither the trunk lock nor the glove box lock.

    256K km is 160K miles.

    No way to tell except mileage, time, or the mystic runes imprinted upon
    repair invoices.

    If you do not know the car's history, replace the belt now or prepare
    for a $2,000 repair bill when the thing snaps.

    Nope. But STP is an acceptable substitute, and is available at Crappy
    Tire. Motorvac is even better, and is also available at CTC service.

    Rust Check/Krown. You cannot eliminate your rust with POR-15, but you
    can slow its spread by other means. Get your beast flooded with RC/K as
    soon as you can.
    Tegger, May 4, 2007
  3. vcciubot

    who Guest

    Nope. But STP is an acceptable substitute, and is available at Crappy
    Tire. Motorvac is even better, and is also available at CTC service.[/QUOTE]

    Chevron gas in Canada contains techron. Chevron is mainly in Western
    Canada. I live in Vancouver=, BC and had a horror show with Shell gas
    in 87/88 in my TBI Chrysler when they removed lead and added a
    replacement additive that gummed up the TBI.
    My dealer suggested switching to Chevron.
    I've been using it since '89 in two cars and have never had to clean
    injectors since. I took the first car to 140Kkms and my current car,
    which has port injectors, is at 130Kkms. <:)
    who, May 4, 2007
  4. vcciubot

    vcciubot Guest

    Thanks Tegger, she's got a bath in RC, next step is to do the timing

    I plan to keep this car for four more years. Is this a reasonable
    expectation for this car?

    thanks again,
    vcciubot, May 7, 2007
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