ABS kicks in at low speeds

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Juan, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Juan

    Juan Guest


    I just replace the L and R transaxles, due to split outboard CV boots.
    (Research said it was easier and quicker to just replace the whole
    axles than to replace and repack the boots and rebuild the

    The parts that I obtained were from autopartswarehouse.com.

    Installation went well, but after assembly, the ABS system kicks in
    and pulses the brakes at slow speeds--almost when coming to a stop.
    Upon inspection, it appears that the ABS sensor(s) are not lining up
    correctly on the pulser rings on the CV axles. It appears that the
    outboard portion of the axle should be "sucked in" about 1/4" more
    into the hub, so that the sensor will line up correctly on the pulser
    ring. As it is now, the sensor is just barely riding above the inside
    of the pulser ring, and I suspect that this improper mating is
    activating the ABS.

    The spindle nut is properly torqued, and it appears that the axle is
    being pulled tight against the hub--in other words, there doesn't
    appear to be another 1/4" to tighten up anywhere so that the pulser
    and sensor line up correctly.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I missing something on
    the installation that is prevening proper alignment of sensor and
    pulser ring? Or are the transaxle parts that I ordered just machined
    improperly or the wrong parts for this installation?

    I appreciate any help you might be able to provide.
    Juan, Jun 4, 2007
  2. Juan

    motsco_ Guest


    You may have installed the wrong replacement axles? Were you careful to
    specify MT or automatic tranny? They could be machined wrong, as you said.

    Any way you can adjust the brackets?

    motsco_, Jun 4, 2007
  3. Juan

    John Edwards Guest

    Great timing, I just had the passenger side axle for my 98 accord V6
    replaced (outer boot torn) along with a brake flush. I have the same
    issue, I had been thinking that it is a brake flush issue so far and
    posted this in this newsgroup with the topic: "98 Accord brake fluid
    flush issue ".
    to have some effect on the sensor..? My axle was replaced by a local
    Midas store, don't you think they would know about the sensor.. ?
    Anyways, your e-mail greatly helps in pursuing this issue for me...

    -- John.
    John Edwards, Jun 4, 2007
  4. Juan

    jmattis Guest

    A very common problem with aftermarket half-shafts. Go back to the
    source and tell them the problem. You're going to have to do the
    whole job over... My regrets, been there myself.
    jmattis, Jun 5, 2007
  5. Juan

    Juan Guest

    Well, that took care of the problem!

    I replaced the shafts on both sides with shafts from a different
    manufacture. The first parts were manufactured by CV Unlimited, and
    the second parts are by EMPI.

    When the shafts from the two manufacturers are placed side by side,
    the pulser ring on the EMPI unit is about 1/4" closer to the spindle
    on the outboard CV joint. The new part lines up perfectly with the ABS
    sensor, and the braking problem is completely gone.

    Since I had everything apart again, anyway, I used the opportunity to
    change the ball joints on both sides. Boy, does that really tighten up
    the suspension nicely! I hadn't realized how sloppy things had gotten.

    Just to ventilate here a little bit, I find it hard to believe that a
    manufacturer can specify a part for an application that is so far out
    of spec and completely unserviceable. The installation of those axles
    by CV Unlimited the first time around created a potentially dangerous
    braking situation, due to the mismatch with the ABS sensor and the
    repeated activation of the ABS system. I have an RMA from the online
    store, so they've authorized the return. If something happens that I
    don't get a refund, I'll let you know. As it is, I'm still on the line
    for the return shipping. Live and learn!

    Thanks for the help!
    Juan, Jun 9, 2007
  6. Juan

    jim beam Guest

    you may be able to have them repay that too. i just got refunded
    shipping on some defective shocks i'd bought that were replaced by the
    manufacturer. initially, they weren't volunteering to do it, but they
    came through in the end. honey works better than vinegar.
    jim beam, Jun 9, 2007
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