___ Rear squirter fixed! - Odyssey (and other models)

Discussion in 'Odyssey' started by 'Curly Q. Links', Oct 6, 2003.

  1. The '95 - '98 Odyssey uses seperate pumps for the front and rear window
    squirters. My rear squirter hadn't worked since we got the van (used)
    even though the motor ran and sounded similar to the front pump motor.
    Rather than removing the front tire and pulling out the fender liner, I
    put a vacuum pump on the rear nozzle and found that the vacuum held. The
    nozzle was clear, but the fluid wasn't coming through the hose from the
    front of the vehicle. I opened the storage compartment where the jack is
    stored, and watched as the washer fluid slowly went past inside the
    clear Tygon tubing. Cool!

    After about another minute the water suddenly flowed freely and the
    problem was solved. It seems there is a 'check valve' or 'anti-siphon
    valve' in the rear washer line, and when it dries out for any length of
    time (years), it seals up tight, and won't let much of anything thru.
    Soon as the water hit the valve, it came unglued and everything is as it
    should be.

    The vacuum pump is one of those hand-held 'pistol' type, that's supposed
    to be great for bleeding brakes.
    Maybe others have had this problem with Hondas that have rear wiper /
    washer systems?

    Running the pump for an HOUR might have accomplished the same thing, but
    probably would have smoked the pump, since it's only designed to work
    for a few seconds at a time. :-(

    'Curly Q. Links', Oct 6, 2003
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