99 civic ex coupe lock problem; can't lock the driver side door.

Discussion in 'Civic' started by stonehenson, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. stonehenson

    stonehenson Guest

    The lock at the driver side door has been acting strange. Basically I
    can't lock it by any means from outside: can't lock by key, can't lock
    it by power master switch and can't lock it by the inside manual lock
    tab either. And when I push the inside manual lock tab, I feel that it
    doesn't move much as if it is stuck somewhere. One more funny twist is
    that sometimes after driving a bit, the driver side door seems suddenly
    to wake up and being locked automatically and I can't opened it. At
    that time, I might unlock it by pushing/pulling the inside power master
    swtich repeatedly and after a few times, I might then open the door. At
    times it doesn't work, then I have to get out of the car from the
    passenger side door, walk around and strangely I can open the driver
    side door easily by simply pulling the outside door handle (if that it
    means it is not locked, right?! but I can't open it from inside by
    pulling the inside door handle). Anyway, seems to me it is all messed
    up. When you are inside, it can lock you up and when you go outside,
    you can't lock it. There is also a minor issue with the passenger side
    door. When I pull the inside door handle to open the door, the inside
    door handle can't go back to its original position automatically. I
    have to push it firmly back to its original location. Compared to the
    driver side door, this issue is minor. Any ideas how to fix the door
    stonehenson, Jan 20, 2006
  2. ------------------------------

    For starters, you may have damaged it if you've been trying to lock it
    by pushing down the plunger with the door open. When door is OPEN, you
    have to hold the outside handle out a bit before it will lock with the
    power switch, or by pushing the plunger down. It's to prevent locking
    the keys inside, and it's in your Owner's Manual. Forcing the plunger
    down will BEND components in the mechanism, or BREAK some of the plastic

    Your dealer can get you an owner's manual in a couple of days.

    'Curly Q. Links', Jan 20, 2006
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