99 Accord slows & finally dies on freeway

Discussion in 'Accord' started by gingin, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. gingin

    gingin Guest

    Going 60 on the freeway and car suddenly starts to slow (like getting no
    gas or power) pull over and it dies. Wait a few minutes and starts up
    again. Had as diagnostic run and couldn't find anything
    gingin, Feb 8, 2008
  2. gingin

    Eric Guest

    Sounds like a fuel filter being partially clogged or/and more than
    likely the case you have a slight air leak in your fuel line. Not that
    it has happened in my Honda, but it happened exactly as you describe in
    my 1967 international pickup, going down the highway fine at first then
    for no apparent reason it would loose power and die, the after market
    fuel filter had an invisible crack. I tried tightening the hoses on
    either side, but it wasn't until I replaced the filter that the problem


    Eric, Feb 9, 2008
  3. gingin

    Rick Frazier Guest

    I agree about what the other poster said about the fuel filter. If
    you're on the road and it happens, if you can locate the fuel filter,
    remove one of the hoses, then poke a hole through the filter (like with
    a phillips screwdriver, the hole in the middle of the input/output tube
    isn't very big) and the car runs normally again, it is indeed the
    filter. I wouldn't run longer than absolutely necessary in this way,
    because it can cause other fuel system problems, particularly with fuel
    injected vehicles, but it can get you to the next service station safely.

    I've used this technique more than once over the past 40 years to get me
    back on the road and to my destination, and in every case, replacing the
    filter has solved the problem for at least 10K miles, and usually a lot
    longer.... Note that if this is a recurring problem it's a really good
    idea to have your gas tank dropped, emptied and cleaned. On one vehicle
    that had a recurring problem I found the local kids were playing "gas
    station" and had dumped early 5 gallons of sand and gravel in the tank
    over a period of time... In retrospect, it's hard to be really mad at
    them, but at the time I "wasn't amused".... Since then, locaking gas
    caps have solved the problem pretty much permanently.

    Rick Frazier, Feb 19, 2008
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