'98 CRV Random Stalling

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Pat T, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Pat T

    Pat T Guest

    I'll be driving along and suddenly without any warning my 1998 CRV
    (86K miles) will just die. No sputtering, the engine just cuts out.

    When I try to restart it, sometimes it will start right up and I can
    drive away, other times the engine starts up but then after a second
    or two, it stops again. Today it took me a dozen tries to get it
    restated. I finally got it going by turning the key and keeping the
    engine revved for about 10 seconds.

    So far the problem has been occurring only once per time I take the
    car out for errands.

    Anyone know what might be wrong. To me is seems like it might be some
    sort of computer or electrical issue.
    Pat T, Jun 6, 2009
  2. Pat T

    seunkie1 Guest

    Hi.I have a 1986 honda ballade(civic) and have the same problem.It
    seems to just get worse and it tends to happen on a uphill or on a
    rather long stretch of road or when Im driving fast.As such I have
    avoided highways.However lately I have found that my gas tank builds
    up a large amount of back pressure.I think it might be my problem.The
    pressure get so high that the petrol pump starts sucking air to
    reliese some pressure.When it happens pop the tank and listen.If it
    blows a lot of gas try checking if you tank of gascap has a breather
    hole.If not try driving a day without the cap on to see if the problem
    persits.Maybe a machanic can tell you where to check for the breather
    hole.Maybe its bloked.Im contenplating drilling a small hole in my
    cap.Hope this helps.
    seunkie1, Jun 7, 2009
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