98 CRV lost 2 qt of oil since last oil change

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by dmkAlex, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. dmkAlex

    dmkAlex Guest

    I have a 98 CRV with 130,000 miles. I don't drive this car too
    frequently (about 100 miles one day a week). Took the car in for oil
    change and the guy told me that it had lost 2 qt of oil since the the
    last oil change (3,000 miles ago).

    I have noticed that there was some black smoke coming out of the tail
    pipe when I started my car in my every other week drive to my office.
    I though that it was from the infrequent usage and the car was blowing
    off the carbon.

    I don't sense any lost of power of this 10 year old car.

    What could go wrong and how do I do the diagnose? What is the cost of
    respective repair?

    I'd just like to educate myself before taking the car in.

    dmkAlex, Apr 17, 2009
  2. dmkAlex

    Tegger Guest

    Is your Check Engine light on?
    Tegger, Apr 18, 2009
  3. dmkAlex

    dmkAlex Guest

    No. It is not.
    dmkAlex, Apr 19, 2009
  4. dmkAlex

    Tegger Guest

    By the reading of your original post, you last had the oil changed about
    last October. Your oil-change monkey is now claiming you've lost about half
    your oil in seven months. At only 130K miles, and with no reports of oil
    stains on the driveway, this assertion is somewhat questionable, to say the

    The markings on your dipstick indicate one quart between them. If you were
    two quarts low, the oil would be be well off the stick and your monkey
    would be guessing as to the "2 qt" thing. Maybe he's judging by what
    drained out, but even that's unlikely since most garages drain into a big
    steel drum with wheels, so there's no way of telling from that how much
    came out of the engine.

    That you're here, now, asking what you're asking, suggests that you haven't
    checked your own oil during those seven months. Sorry, but that's not good.

    My recommendation, to be taken before panicking or doing anything else:
    Check your oil level now, and record the reading on the stick. Wipe, dip,
    read, several times, making sure to seat the stick fully each time and wait
    a few seconds before pulling the stick again.

    Drive for one month ONLY, then repeat the oil level check. Do this every
    month. If over the next six months there is in fact a pattern of oil level
    drop, then you have cause for concern.

    Tip: Make sure the engine has been OFF for at LEAST an hour before taking
    your reading each time!

    I suspect you will be unable to duplicate your monkey's report, and your
    oil level will be just fine each month. It will drop over time, but maybe
    1/8" down from its original reading after 3K miles, and not 2 quarts.

    Oh, by the way, with your drive pattern, you should be changing your oil
    every six months at the outside. Your car sits idle for long periods, which
    is very bad for both oil and engine.
    Tegger, Apr 19, 2009
  5. dmkAlex

    KLS Guest

    Wouldn't he be better off just checking the oil first thing in the
    morning before starting the car and driving it, for each reading?
    That's what I do to assure consistency and accuracy of my readings.
    KLS, Apr 19, 2009
  6. dmkAlex

    Tegger Guest

    You are absolutely correct. And in addition to that, the car needs to be
    parked in precisely the same place and orientation each time for maximum
    accuracy. This is how I monitor my own oil consumption.

    But whenever I say this, I get people telling me I'm too anal and it
    doesn't make any difference anyhow, so I've dumbed my recommendation down
    to having the engine sit "at least an hour".
    Tegger, Apr 19, 2009
  7. dmkAlex

    L Alpert Guest

    One should also check the dipstick before driving away from the
    "monkey". Many of these places are notorious for shorting everyone by
    a half a quart.
    L Alpert, Apr 20, 2009
  8. dmkAlex

    dmkAlex Guest

    I am actually posting for the car I gave to my son. He is not as
    mechanical as me and I don't doubt that he had not opened the hood

    I'll pass on the advise so he can follow.

    Thanks a lot for the advise.
    dmkAlex, Apr 20, 2009
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