98 civic losin some oil

Discussion in 'Civic' started by T L via CarKB.com, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. 98 civic with 229997 kms on it... :) 5 spd a/c etc located in Winterpeg
    (harsh cold winters)

    The only time I managed to make this thing push oil was a good boot at about
    180kph between Oklahoma City and Albequerque. It was fun. I lost a liter of
    oil, but I guess in that heat and pushing it that hard, its to be expected.

    I drive her pretty good most of the time, but sometimes I feel she needs her
    legs stretched out, so some hot doggin in the city was in order the other
    night. After some very aggressive hard driving, I could smell some oil. Not
    so much to make me worry, but enough to make me back off the throttle and
    take it easy. Checked the oil the next morning, and I was down to the lower
    mark on the dipstick. Added about 1/2 a liter or so, and will monitor.

    My question is: where is the best place to look for a leak based on the above
    info? Valve cover seal? Its pretty new, and not siliconed. However, the
    middle bolt is busted, the threads have failed, I used some silicone to keep
    the bolt in place so that oil doesn't leak. There is no apparent oil leak
    around the valve cover, at least not in the volume I am looking for.

    My thoughts:
    1. Yes I should fix the bolt on the valve cover, and silicone the proper
    areas as stated in the shop manual.
    2. Oil Pan seal is seaping, maybe its finally blown.
    3. Hoping and praying its not the cam or crank seal.
    4. PCV is new, replaced about 10000kms ago, the old one was in top shape, no
    blockages in the tube.

    I know some of you will mention the 'acceptable amount of oil loss'. I don't
    think I am willing to accept this. My girlfriends 87 prelude still doesn't
    lose a drop, though it did develop a leak on the valve cover (now fixed).
    Basically, in my experience, there is always a reason for oil loss, its just
    a question of whether the owner is too lazy to fix it. Is that about right?
    OK, lets call it a cost/benefits analysis. In this case, my peace of mind
    would outweigh the cost involved, especially if its just the oil pan seal or
    something else retarded.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Terry in Winnipeg
    T L via CarKB.com, Sep 12, 2005
  2. T L via CarKB.com

    jim beam Guest

    to help us help you, you need to look about a bit more to see if a leak
    loaction is visible.

    also, because i used to have a leak problem which has now gone away,
    what brand oil are you using?
    jim beam, Sep 12, 2005
  3. Thanks for the response Jim. I will be degreasing the engine so I can have a
    better idea of where the problem is, but was just wondering if I am missing
    any of the major culprits.

    I am using Mobil 1 synthetic, have been since about 60000kms. 5W30


    T L via CarKB.com, Sep 12, 2005
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