97 Accord loses power while driving

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Ret, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Ret

    Ret Guest

    I own a 97 Accord LX; 4-DR; 4cyl; 120,000 miles.
    I’m the original owner. This has been a very reliable car.

    Problem: Occasionally, my car will lose power while driving. I coast
    to the side of the road, shut off the car & it starts back up again.
    (Note: the batt & engine lights came on when the car lost power, also,
    the needle on the speedometer went wacky.)

    The alternator has been replaced, but I still have the same problem.

    My mechanic is unable to locate a problem using his diagnostic
    since the problem has not occurred while in his possession.

    I am now out $500, and still have the same problem.

    Please let me know if anyone has knowledge of this problem.
    Ret, Jun 15, 2005
  2. Ret

    Halo2 guy Guest

    possibly an ignition switch electrical problem?

    This might require some wire jiggling while running if no codes are present.
    Halo2 guy, Jun 15, 2005
  3. Ret

    TeGGeR® Guest

    Most likely ignition switch or coil. The alternator normally does not cause
    TeGGeR®, Jun 15, 2005
  4. I'd be more suspicious of an intermittant grounding problem. Check
    a) the battery ground strap(s) where they attatch to the frame.
    b) the various ground points from the engine to the frame.

    The best approach is undo the frame bolts, scrub any dirt or corrosion off,
    apply some Never-Sieze and bolt it back up.

    Stewart DIBBS
    Stewart DIBBS, Jun 15, 2005
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