97 Accord "Hunting" Automatic

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Jawshhh20, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Jawshhh20

    Jawshhh20 Guest

    OK Guys, I've posted some replies to a few things in here, now I need your
    help. Here's my story: July 03 I bought a 97 Accord SE with 68,000 miles on it,
    in IMMACULATE condition. Lately, whenever I slow down to make a corner at an
    intersection (or slow to let a car in front of me turn), it seems to "slip"
    when I go to accelerate. When I hit the gas it will tach up to about 4,000 RPM
    then catch. My local dealer first told me it was my driving habits. He quickly
    retracted that comment after my response to it. A few days later, he tells me
    the transmission is built to "hunt" for a gear when accelerating. Well today I
    read on epinions.com that the transmissions have "smart logic" to PREVENT
    hunting, and it's supposed to "learn" your driving habits and adjust it
    accordingly. So I called my dealer yet AGAIN and told him what I just found
    out. He then suggested I disconnect the battery to "reset" the computer (and
    everything ELSE in my car...). SO I am going to do this when I get off work and
    see if it helps. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks in advance...


    J Hebert
    Jawshhh20, Feb 18, 2004
  2. ===================

    Most obvious questions that come to mind:

    1. Have you changed the tranny fluid (I assume the previous owner didn't
    or you would have mentioned it)?

    2. Do you know the security code for your radio (if it's anti-theft)?



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    you must remove them to reply directly . . . . . . Thanks.

    Regarding stage performances: When everyone else has finished playing,
    you should not play any notes you have left over. -
    'Curly Q. Links', Feb 18, 2004
  3. That's the beauty of Honda transmission.

    I remember my brand-spanking-new Acura doing the same exact thing, while
    driving off the dealer lot. Never did get it fixed, just learned not to
    accelerate too hard. Even my Lexus does it once in awhile.

    How to turn off 'Maintenance Required" light:

    1. Hold trip/reset button on dash
    2. Turn key to "ON" or start engine
    3. Hold button til light goes out
    He Hate Retards, Feb 18, 2004
  4. Jawshhh20

    Jawshhh20 Guest

    I brought it in yesterday and he disconnected the battery and drained the
    capacitors. I dont know if this fixed it or not, but I will know soon.
    Yes I had it changed about 2 weeks ago.

    Yes I still have the little card that came with the car.
    J Hebert
    Jawshhh20, Feb 19, 2004
  5. It's sure nice to know when someone hates Honda automatics as much as I do.
    Your transmission isn't as much "slipping" as much as just operating normally as
    the dumbass unit it was programmed to be. Here's how Honda automatics work: if
    you let go of the gas, then reapply, it pauses for a moment and then gives you a
    jerky downshift, and then shifts back up. It treats every request for
    acceleration as some kind of drag race. Most Mazdas, Fords, and Chryslers do
    the same thing. Next time, get a Toyota or a Nissan.
    When the Accord turned 27 last year, does anyone know if they finally fixed
    this? One thing nice about the Accord is its being the only 4-cylinder model
    offered with a 5-speed automatic. Unless that just means one more gear to trip
    on while shifting in the wrong direction...
    Crunchy Cookie, Feb 23, 2004
  6. Jawshhh20

    Jawshhh20 Guest

    OK Guys, I've posted some replies to a few things in here, now I need your
    Thanks for the reply..my next car will still be a Honda, but leaning toward the
    manual vs the automatic. The computer reset did no good (just as I thought) and
    it still continues....
    J Hebert
    Jawshhh20, Feb 23, 2004
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