96 Civic diagnosed with bad rod--then changed to bad clutch??

Discussion in 'Civic' started by planetx, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. planetx

    planetx Guest

    I have a 96 Civic manual with 126k on it. For nearly a year the
    engine(or what I thought was the engine) would make a clunky noise when
    driving mainly uphill at a lower rpm. I always go to the dealer for
    service as I am always a bit unsure how to find a trustworthy mechanic.
    The dealer the first several times just said to put high octane in. I
    didnt think that was it but did it anyway.

    About 3 months I went back for a service check and complained again
    about the noise. So a shop foreman drives it and said it is my cv
    joints I need a new axle. So I schedule an appt and bring it in and
    instead of a new axle they said I need a new engine because I have a
    loose connector rod. I dont remember if they said the tech just heard
    it or ran a diagnostic. I told the service guy I didnt believe and was
    pissed that for 5months I was simply told to put high-octane,,then I am
    told I need a new axle,,and now I am told I need a new fucking engine.
    I also mentioned that 126k is low mileage and that my car has *always*
    been serviced with them.

    So I went back last week(you would think I would learn to find a
    mechanic by now) to get my oil changed.

    So this time they came back and said definitely not an engine
    problem,,but loose clutch bearings. My clutch seems fine to me so they
    said the noise should not hurt anything and just wait till your clutch
    goes out--I am still on the original clutch.

    So does any of this sound plausible?? Could it really be the clutch??

    Also if anyone knows a good mechanic in Atlanta I open. I have been
    going to Ed Voyles honda getting all this advice. Thanks.
    planetx, Oct 15, 2006
  2. planetx

    Earle Horton Guest

    I would avoid any mechanic who invoked parts that don't exist, like "clutch
    bearings". I take it you still have the "clunky noise"? Did the high
    octane gas do any good?

    Why not take the vehicle to a Honda dealer service department for an
    opinion? If they have any brains, they should be able to differentiate
    between the possible conditions you mentioned. Maybe you have a bad engine
    mount. That wouldn't be too expensive to fix.

    Earle Horton, Oct 15, 2006
  3. --------------------------------------

    And in the meantime, use a lower gear (higher RPM) while climbing.
    Hondas don't mind if you wind them up to redline now and then (read the
    Owner's manual about speed / gear limits).

    'Curly Q. Links', Oct 15, 2006
  4. Hey Earle, did you see the part where he said it was a dealer telling
    him all this.

    An engine mount is a good suggestion. The dealer could be right on
    the axil or clutch. The connecting rod theory is pretty bogus. It is
    hard to really diagnose from a description.

    I assume the mechanic has heard the noise. Obviously they cannot find
    anything clearly wrong by inspection (at least not without major
    disassembly.) I would try another mechanic, preferably an independent
    specializing in Hondas. If he can't find anything obviously wrong,
    and the problem isn't too objectionable to the OP, I would concur with
    driving it until it gets worse.
    Gordon McGrew, Oct 15, 2006
  5. planetx

    jim beam Guest

    bottom line, the people you were seeing before are either incompetent or
    dishonest. find a quality independent and have it inspected by them.
    maybe you'll find one on the cartalk.com site?
    jim beam, Oct 15, 2006
  6. planetx

    Earle Horton Guest

    I guess he should find another dealer then. Or an independent with a good
    reputation. There have to be lots of them in the Atlanta area. (The Honda
    dealer where I live is not too bad. They haven't tried to sell us any
    "clutch bearings" yet.)

    Earle Horton, Oct 15, 2006
  7. planetx

    ecarecar Guest

    Can you be a little more specific about the noise?
    Does it make the noise in more than one gear?
    Can you locate from where the noise is coming?
    How long does the noise last?
    Does it occur at "lower rpm" in any gear?
    ecarecar, Oct 16, 2006
  8. planetx

    planetx Guest

    Hi,,well it *never* happens at high speed on the interstate,,,either in
    4th or 5th on the interstate. It seems to be more prevalent in low rpm
    up hils---speed does not seem to matter. The noise will maybe last 15
    seconds. It is a clunking noise spaced about a second a part. It kind
    of sounds like it is coming from under the engine--but hard to tell.

    I always went to the honda dealer because while I figured they were
    more expensive than a mechanic,,,I assume they would be well-versed in
    hondas. But as I said my diagnosis went from: high-octane to a new axel
    to a whole new engine to now loose clutch bearings.

    My car is in great shape for a 96 civic and I do not want to get rid of
    it---but if my engine is hosed up and I do indeed need a new one well I
    have to re-think that. Thanks for any advice! And thanks everyone else
    for responding. I am in the process of trying to find a good
    independent honda mechanic by word of mouth.
    planetx, Oct 16, 2006
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