96 civic aftermarket remote lock- door mechanism now needs the handle lifted to lock

Discussion in 'Civic' started by electricant1, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. electricant1

    electricant1 Guest

    Does anyone know how to switch the door mechanism to where the door
    handle doesn't need to be lifted to lock. The driver door no longer
    locks when I use the remote, so I took off the panel, thinking I just
    needed to adjust a screw on one of the rods, but found that they're
    fine and that the door handle just needs to be lifted- something that
    the aftermarket mechanism obviously will not do. I see that the
    passenger door handle doesn't need to be lifted, so I'm figuring
    there's something simple I've got to do to the mechanism to switch it
    back that way (or the thing's broken). Went through the trouble of
    taking it all out but can't figure out what it is. Thanks
    electricant1, Sep 28, 2007
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