95 Accord - Auto Door Lock Buzzing Noise? Help

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Jef Atkinson, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Jef Atkinson

    Jef Atkinson Guest

    My driver side door lock buzzes every time it attempts to auto lock
    after ignition.

    Basically the lock no longer locks, just the buzz, then it stays
    unlocked. The passenger side works as normal.

    Sounds like a small motor that is spinning, but not engaging a gear? To
    lock the lock... hope this is enough info...

    It's a 1995 Honda Accord, LX Coupe.

    What part needs to be ordered? the actuator? the switch assembly?


    Here's a link to a parts list for the door...



    Jef Atkinson, Aug 12, 2004
  2. Jef Atkinson

    Randolph Guest

    First, when posing links, you can use free services like
    http://www.tinyurl.com or http://www.makeashorterlink.com to make a URL
    that fits on one line, those huge URLs that are broken into sever lines
    ar such a pain to re-assemble.

    And to your question, more than likely you need item number 39, the
    actuator. It failed like yours in a friend's '96 Accord as well, buzzing
    noise and no locking.
    Randolph, Aug 12, 2004
  3. Jef Atkinson

    Jef Atkinson Guest

    yeah, i tend to use tinyurl a lot... but i also come from the deep geek
    world and tinyurl's are out of favor at the moment...

    thanks for the info... so #39... yikes... fun, fun to install...
    Jef Atkinson, Aug 12, 2004
  4. Jef Atkinson

    Jef Atkinson Guest

    again, thanks for confirming the actuator...

    here's a good link for anyone with future buzzing lock problems.

    Jef Atkinson, Aug 12, 2004
  5. Jef Atkinson

    motsco_ _ Guest


    If you never use the key in the lock much, pick up a tiny aerosol can of
    LockEaze, and spray inside ALL your locks, including ignition. It's
    Graphite, so it's messy.

    I always try the cheapest / most obvious fix first. 'Curly'
    motsco_ _, Aug 18, 2004
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