94 Accord Throttle Position Sensor

Discussion in 'Accord' started by April Y, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. April Y

    April Y Guest

    At 114K mi. the dealer want a ple of cash to replace the entire TPS based on
    the computer readout of 0 v. I suspect advantage being taken of a female.
    Anyone else with a throttle position sensor problem? What happened? (The
    check engine light, plud hesitation when accelerating led to the computer
    April Y, Sep 12, 2003
  2. I don't think the dealer is taking advantage of you. If you have had
    previous problems with this dealer--you might take it to a local mechanic
    or other Honda Dealership and find out if they come to the same
    conclusion. Even if they find the same problem, they may charge you less
    to repair the problem. For example, a local mechanic might be able to get
    the needed parts from a car just like you own at a local junkyard or have
    the junkyard owner order it from another junk yard owner on the car
    junkyard computer network. Many cars are damaged beyond repair in rear end
    collisions and the engine section is left undamaged.
    Bill B. Johnson, Sep 13, 2003
  3. -----------------------

    The TPS is basically a 'volume control', like on a radio, but it tells
    the vehicle's computer the exact position of the throttle, in the form
    of a variable resistance. If mileage is high, and especially if the
    vehicle is from the prairies and has cruise control, a 'spot' will get
    worn out on the surface of this variable resistor. If the car has a
    tach, you can replicate the sputtering /jerking in first gear, if you
    like. You just run the engine at the same rpm as you would on the
    highway. Your description is lacking, but if the rpm test proves that
    there is a 'flat spot' in the TPS, a used intake manifold is one of the
    cheapest ways to get it fixed.

    I used to know a guy in Russia who could get such parts without buying
    the whole manifold, but he's not 'around' any more...

    P.S. An analog meter across the pins of the TPS will show the problem on
    the resistance scale quite well also.



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  4. April Y

    April Y Guest

    Thanks for the tips; family friend found one in a junkyard, in good shape;
    total cost, installed ,$200; dealer offer $740 parts, $100+ labor = $840+.
    Sheesh whatta rip-off.
    April Y, Sep 20, 2003
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