94 accord cranks but won't start

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Matt, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest

    I am hoping somebody here can help me.
    I have a 94 accord EX with 250k km.

    I replaced the clutch 5 days ago, but when I took it off the
    jack-stands it would not start. The engine would turnover, but would
    not catch. I left it, and came back the next day- and it started

    I went for a test drive and everything worked great. On my way
    back down the laneway to my parents house (they live on a farm) I hit
    some ice and slid into a snow bank. I had my dad tow me out with the
    tractor, but in the process I had lost both drive belts.

    I replaced these the same day and it drove great. It even started
    and ran without the belts.

    I drove back to where I live(about 100km away) and parked it.
    When I came back the next day it would not start

    The starter motor cranks, but the engine will not start. I
    checked the spark plugs which look fine and will spark when the engine
    is cranked. When I put a screwdriver into the lines that feed the
    spark-plugs I get about a 1/4 inch spark to the engine.

    I can hear the gas pump when I turn the ignition, and when I undo a
    bolt on the fuel rail, there is pressure. I tried the computer
    diagnostics, but the check engine light just sits there and does not

    If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it. Not having my
    car makes me feel neutered!
    Matt, Dec 31, 2004
  2. Matt

    R. P. Guest

    Sounds just like the symptoms my '94 Accord LX showed at around 170 K
    miles. It was solved with a new ignition switch.

    R. P., Dec 31, 2004
  3. Matt

    Remco Guest

    Hi Matt

    Have you checked your fuel injectors? You should hear them click while
    you start the engine.

    The way I've checked them is by using the following poor man's
    stethoscope: Get a thin stick (one of those garden sticks or a top of a
    fishing pole will do), Put one side of the stick to the injector. Make
    a fist and put the stick in that fist and put your fist to your ear.
    When you start the engine, you should clearly hear the clicking.

    If they are not clicking, check their control lines. I think they go
    through a resistor pack on an accord. It is hard to believe all
    resistors are blown, but maybe the connector is making bad contact

    Hope you find it soon.
    Remco, Dec 31, 2004
  4. Matt

    motsco_ _ Guest


    Our Odyssey did the same thing. . . it was a stuck injector, bleeding
    all the fuel into the engine and flooding it (overnight). Your manaul
    explains how to start a flooded Honda. Try it and see if it works. A
    couple tanks of gasohol fixed ours, and we use it every now and then for

    motsco_ _, Dec 31, 2004
  5. Matt

    daviesm Guest

    Thank-you Soooo Much!!! I turned the ignition while stepping on the
    gas (for flooded engine, this reduces gas to cylinders) and Presto.

    I can't thank-you enough- Such a relief! I'll buy some fuel injector
    cleaner tomorrow when the stores open and run it through.
    Happy New year all,

    daviesm, Jan 1, 2005
  6. Matt

    motsco_ _ Guest

    It wasn't something you would guess, was it?

    Glad it worked for you . Happy New Year.

    motsco_ _, Jan 1, 2005
  7. Matt

    TeGGer® Guest

    I've added this to the no-start section of the FAQ. OK with you?
    TeGGer®, Jan 2, 2005
  8. Matt

    motsco_ _ Guest


    Excellent . . . I was gonna suggest it, since it comes up from time to
    time, and is always mis-diagnosed.

    I wonder if flooding happens to many other injected cars?

    motsco_ _, Jan 2, 2005
  9. Matt

    TeGGer® Guest

    It does to Toyotas anyway. Their ECUs are also set up to shut the injectors
    off on WOT and a cranking engine.
    TeGGer®, Jan 2, 2005
  10. Matt

    motsco_ _ Guest


    Wide Open Throttle . . I understand. I thought WOT was what deaf Aussies
    say all the time . . . :)

    motsco_ _, Jan 3, 2005
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