93 Accord ECU Question for Techs. 93 Accord not starting.

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Tom Frazier, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Tom Frazier

    Tom Frazier Guest


    I have a 93 Accord EX that won't start. Please read all.

    I have been having intermittent transmission shift problems for a
    couple weeks now but they would dissappear for a day or two after I
    disconnect the neg. battery cable to reset the Transmission ECU. I
    suspected the problem to be the Transmission ECU after checking the
    solenoids and sensors. I also tried getting the diagnostic code but my
    check engine light would just stay on and not give me any codes.

    Last week I got in the Accord and it would not start. It turned over
    strong but would not fire. I thought that the Transmission ECU finally
    went and that it would not allow the engine to start. Well here are my

    I disconnected the battery, pulled the Trany ECU and also the Engine
    ECU. I first opened up the Trany ECU, everything looked normal,
    nothing burnt or discolored. Then I opened up the Engine ECU and there
    it was, one of the transistors was totally fried. I was able to get
    the numbers off of it (c2655) to get a replacement and the resistors
    around it checked okay. I figured I'd give it a shot so I ordered a
    couple of new transistors.

    Today I installed the transistor, checked all the fuses and put
    everything back together BUT the darn thing still won't start. Took
    the ECU back out checked the transistor, checked my solder joints
    again and checked a few other components. Everything that I could
    check was okay on the board. Obviously something else is fried
    probably a chip, I just can't see it.

    Now to my questions.

    Is this a frequent problem? (the transistor or ECU frying)

    Could the Engine ECU have caused the intermittent transmission
    problems all along?

    Do you think that the transmission problem/Trany ECY could have caused
    the transistor in the Engine ECU to fry? (The two ECU's share some

    What do you think could have caused the Engine ECU to fry?

    Should I take the chance and get a new Engine ECU at the junk yard or
    off the net and hope that it works?

    Do you think that a new ECU will also get fried?

    What do you suggest?

    Tom Frazier, Jan 11, 2004
  2. Tom Frazier

    Tom Wilson Guest

    It's possible that a new Engine ECU or one from a junked vehicle will
    solve your problem but before you do that--consider other things that
    provent an engine from starting:
    1. fuel not reaching fuel rail.
    2. Ignition components damp or damaged.
    3. Broken, loose, or disconnected wiring in the starting circuit.
    4. Loose distributer is changing ignition timing.
    5. faulty coil or faulty wires related to coil
    6. broken or stipped timing belt.
    7. defective fuel pump.
    I copied the above list from a Haynes Repair manual
    Tom Wilson, Jan 12, 2004
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